SINGLE REVIEW: Milo Gore is raw, honest and soul-baring with his new single ‘Eyeliner’

Milo Gore has already made a strong impression in 2020, and we still have half the year to go. Firstly, the singer-songwriter called for revolution with the punk-edged track ‘Jerry Can’. Then came ‘Green Eyes’, the head-thrashing belter of late-night liaisons, miscommunication and gut-wrenching heartache. Now, he has made it a hat-trick. New single ‘Eyeliner’, Continue Reading

SINGLE REVIEW: Van Houten make growing up a little less anxiety-inducing with new single ‘Better Than This’

Better Than This is the latest rendition of honest, confident dream-pop from Leeds based band Van Houten. This time Van Houten have made an effort to create a raw yet relaxed track that is incredibly fitting for it’s summertime release.  The track itself deals with the pangs and pains that are attached to the coming Continue Reading

SINGLE REVIEW: Silverbacks offer fresh perspective on an already thriving Dublin scene with ‘Muted Gold’

Silverbacks are attempting to bring their own brand of art-punk/rock out of a lively Dublin music scene. Muted Gold is another promising step in a bread-crumb trail of singles created by the band supported by a selection of festival and headline performances to cause a stir. All this has been in aid of Fad, an Continue Reading

SINGLE REVIEW: Cruel Hearts Club drop a perfect slice of anthemic grunge with ‘Blame Me Too’

Simple music is inherently not all that simple otherwise we’d all be living the rockstar life. Cruel Hearts Club prove this with the perfect combination of thrashy grunge and pop, understanding the subtleties of both genres to make this mash up work so effectively. Often with great music within the first 5 seconds you’ve heard Continue Reading

SINGLE REVIEW: James Humphrys is funky, joyful and a little bit dark with new indie-pop track ‘Colour’

Beginning the year with the release of Tongue Tied, a toe-tapper of a track abound with soothing melodies and dreamy synths, things look exciting for Bristol-based songwriter and multi-instrumentalist James Humphrys. Since then, he has been making waves not only with features on BBC Upload – including a spot as ‘Track of the Week’ – Continue Reading

SINGLE REVIEW: Birthday Card release sparkling new futuristic summer anthem ‘Radio Star’

Recorded just before the start of the UK’s national lockdown, Radio Star is a perfect follow up to Birthday Card’s debut, Shy Away. With a steady drum beat looped throughout the verses and George Harrison’s gorgeous use of synths taking the track to a new level, Birthday Card continue to develop their bright, futuristic sound Continue Reading

SINGLE REVIEW: Indie-pop princess Lauran Hibberd releases playful new tune ‘Old Nudes’

Although Lauran Hibberd’s popularity continues to rise across the UK, many of us have already learnt that she is no stranger to a deeply-satirical indie tune with an unforgettable guitar riff, just like the bubbly and endlessly sarcastic Sugardaddy. The release of Old Nudes is yet another perfectly playful addition to her impressive discography, following Continue Reading

SINGLE REVIEW: La, La, La, Seattle-Light Of Love… ‘Seattle Lights’ By DD Allen

It’s clear from the first chord that Seattle Lights is something of a departure for Bournemouth singer-songwriter DD Allen, more known for his folk-rock and blues influenced storytelling than going hard on a big pop ballad. That is exactly what he’s done however, and the result is quite something Allen’s lyrics are as on point Continue Reading

SINGLE REVIEW: The Cheap Thrills offer ‘Party’, another unforgettable indie anthem

With over 600,000 Spotify streams and previous support from a number of radio stations (including Radio X, BBC Merseyside and Amazing Radio), alongside their biggest headline show to date expected to take place at Liverpool Arts Club Theatre in 6 months time, The Cheap Thrills return with Party, another energetic indie anthem to follow up Continue Reading

SINGLE REVIEW: Death Of Pop drop ironically named new single ‘Once Good’

The latest from pan-Anglian shoegaze collective The Death Of Pop is a hazy slice of blurry-eyed dream-pop of the highest order. Angus James’ somnambulant guitar weaves in and out of one of the funkiest basslines this side of Thundercat’s new album, settling into a punchy but sublime rhythm that forces thoughts of another month in Continue Reading