SINGLE REVIEW: No Violet- ‘Lemons’. Math-Rock Indie Kids Smash It Out Of The Park Again With Unusually Named ‘Lemons’. Out Now.

‘‘Lemons’ continues [No Violet’s] math-rock assault on the indie scene, an assault they’ll only let us up from when they’re ready.’ Unfortunately, far too often advance releases for reviews drop in the Underscore Part 3 inbox from bands on the beginnings of their journey and we end up listening with disappointment wishing subsequent releases were Continue Reading

GIG REVIEW: Pip Blom Cast A Spell Of Dancing Across 60 Million Postcards With Their Fun Loving Personalities and Infectious Songs. Supports No Violet And Violet. 28.01.2019

Pip Blom Streaming a band online or listening to them on record is brilliant and is often the way we hear our new favourite band but there’s a reason gigs and festivals are more popular that ever; people want the different feelings they get from watching the bands they love. Pip Blom, No Violet and Continue Reading

IVW PREVIEW: Pip Blom & No Violet IVW Tour- 60 Million Postcards 28.1.2019

This month at Underscore Part 3 we’re going to guide you through as much independent venue news as possible and more specifically we’ll keep you informed on events tied in with the national event Independent Venue Week. Female Amsterdam singer-songwriter Pip Blom is one of the artists doing a small tour to support IVW starting Continue Reading