Editor: James Wadsworth

Submissions Contact (managed by all the team): submissions [at]


Should you be interested in becoming a contributor for Underscore Part 3 please email james [at] (this email address is not to be used for band submissions as it will be missed and that’s not anything any of us want), we are always extremely keen to welcome passionate individuals to our empowering team.

If you are a band looking for us to feature your please email submissions [at] (the editors email is not to be used for submissions and emails to James get missed and we really want to help great new acts) with your full press pack and send us everything we need in 1 email as far ahead of release as possible. Please be aware that we receive an extremely high volume of emails and as much as we wish to reply to all we do not manage it. However, even if we don’t get to feature your work we hope you have a kick ass release day or tour!

Press Support

With our extensive knowledge of the industry being journalists for mulitple magazines and general industry nerd aficionados we have built up a wide knowledge of how the UK music scene runs. Unfortunately some of the greatest amateur musicians never get heard because they don’t know their way around the beast that is the music business. We can offer bands as little or as much support as they need for their national PR campaign, this can be one video call with guidance right up to a full package national campaign run by us. If this is something you feel your band could benefit from please email james [at] where we will be more than happy to discuss whether we’re the right fit for you.