Iain’s musical taste has been shaped by a youth steeped in the glory days of 80s pop music, the early days of indie and living in Bristol during the emergence of trip-hop. A first generation shoegazer, he has never steered too far from those templates, but with plenty of other eclectic choices thrown in. Now as a parent with teen children, Iain has reignited his lifelong appreciation of pop music, discovering some of the best new releases in the genre, without ending his indie love affair. With decades of gigs under his belt, Iain’s choices may sometimes seem off the wall but he’s rarely wrong. Iain has always written in his spare time but the need to build a paid career and lack of an audience has limited his output. With underscorepart3.co.uk we look forward to hearing much more from him. Iain has a poetic way to word the intricacies of a bands work and works on press releases and other PR on a freelance basis. You can contact Iain on [email protected]