About us

Welcome to Underscore Part 3; the music website taking its name from the Ian Dury song “Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3”.  We help music fans find their next musical reason to be cheerful by writing about anything that inspires us and have a zero clickbait policy. We have received personal praise from BBC 6 Music, Fierce Panda Records, legendary DJ/journalist Steve Lamacq and global folk punk artist Frank Turner among others.
We have always run an empowering team and service, and we have now moved our focus and unique selling point to becoming a talent incubator. Our ethos is that if you have passion we will try our best to support you, and will keep supporting you as you grow. That means if you are a tiny act, but we think the world needs to hear your work, and you’re going to share our work, we will try and cover you. If you’re someone who’s never worked for a publication, but you’re passionate and will work hard to achieve, we want to encourage you to get involved! Our values extend to little PR’s and every other facet of the industry – lets just be kind and grow each other. Underscore Part 3 does not strictly cover independent artists, we work with passionate artists and people at all stages of their career.
Underscore Part 3 will always be underpinned by helping people find their musical reason to be cheerful and/or pushing people’s creative boundaries. We are a community, not a magazine. We are Underscore Part 3.
If you want to contribute to Underscore Part 3 please contact both (to make sure your email doesn’t get missed) James Wadsworth on [email protected] and Hannah Lock – we would love to chat to you. Please note we will ignore band submissions sent to these email addresses because it gets too complicated, but we would love to listen to your music if you send it to [email protected]underscorepart3.co.uk.
We ask that if you share any of our content please link back to its original source.