Welcome to Underscore Part 3 the music website taking its name from the Ian Dury song Reasons To Be Cheerful Part 3.  We help music fans find their next musical reason to be cheerful by writing about anything that inspires us and having a zero clickbait policy. If you think we might be inspired by you contact James Wadsworth via [email protected] and we can discuss things further. If you share any of our content please link back to its original source.

We love hearing from new and aspiring writers. Please get in touch if you have anything to contribute. All areas considered.

The Team

James Wadsworth- Editor & Writer

Growing up fueled by anger and frustration led James to a constant search for punk music, the angrier the better. At 18 James studied sound engineering and began working in a local venue which opened his ears to a world of bands, solo musicians and artists who he would have never encountered otherwise, shaping some of his future music choices. With every band and teenager in 2006 trying to ‘look good on the dancefloor’ James’ love for indie exploded. He later discovered Radiohead and his love for obscure indie, electronica and post rock grew, laying the foundations for James’ music DNA. As someone who always loved writing James gradually started contributing to a few publications before launching Underscore Part 3.  [email protected]

Iain Dalgleish – Deputy Editor & Writer

Iain’s musical taste has been shaped by a youth steeped in the glory days of 80s pop music, the early days of indie and living in Bristol during the emergence of trip-hop. A first generation shoegazer, he has never steered too far from those templates,  but with plenty of other eclectic choices thrown in. Now as a parent with teen children, Iain has reignited his lifelong appreciation of pop music, discovering some of the best new releases in the genre, without ending his indie love affair. With decades of gigs under his belt, Iain’s choices may sometimes seem off the wall but he’s rarely wrong. Iain has always written in his spare time but the need to build a paid career and lack of an audience has limited his output. With underscorepart3.co.uk we look forward to hearing much more from him. Iain has a poetic way to word the intricacies of a bands work and works on press releases and other PR on a freelance basis. You can contact Iain on [email protected]

Tom Hawkins- Website Designer

It seems rarely can you find a web designer who’s not a total D&D playing nerd; well we’ve found that in Tom. Being a general computer whiz and music lover we’re grateful to have him on board! Tom is a freelance web developer available for hire, if you like our web design think what he could do for your business, contact Tom on [email protected]

Megan Smith- Photo and Video Journalist & logistics.

Megan Smith joined Underscore Part 3 after being spotted as talented photographer and post-production video wizard! Megan has a talent for capturing the power of a band in moment pinpointing such pivotal moments in a frantic live gig; she even kept shooting after getting kicked in the head by a crowdsurfer! Megan’s natural ability to theme visuals/video to that band that she is working with is faultless, Megan is a creative that needs no direction! We’re not really sure yet what music Megan likes but with a wealth of passion she’s sure to pick out some great features for Underscore Part 3.  Should any band wish to use any photos of hers or should you wish Megan to shoot photos/video for your band please contact [email protected] to discuss things further.

Simon Clay – Photographer & Videographer

Brighton-based Simon first became known to the Underscore Part 3 team over 15 years ago when he took his son, then school friend of Underscore Part 3’s founder James Wadsworth, to a Slipknot shoot. Simon has been more well known for his successful car photography throughout his career, but James knew that with a meticulous ability for spotting great music he would do everything he could to get Simon shooting bands again. Thankfully Simon agreed. Simon’s goal is to bring back the golden age of the music press with his photo-journalism recreating the styling of 1980s/90s NME and Sounds. Our insistence on bringing cutting edge articles and zero clickbait led to mutual ambition, so Simon is a perfect asset to the team. We let Simon do whatever he wants; he’s got a great eye and always creates a great product! Aside from being a gearhead, Simon is the guitarist and singer in a blues band he formed with his mates in his 20s and is also an obsessive music fan. All that aside, we envy Simon for his guitar collection; even owning a signed guitar that was once used by Wilko Johnson. Simon’s most up to date work features on his Instagram simonclaycarsnapper. Should any band wish to use any of Simon’s photos or should you wish Simon to shoot your band or car please contact [email protected] to discuss things further.

Curt Downs – Writer

Curt and James met in Curt’s early teens when Curt initially borrowed a host of CD’s, finding his feet in music. Since then Curt grew to be a man with an impressive ability to track the best in upcoming artists; a man whose gig history lists some of the now greats when they were still playing in small venues. Curt’s passions are alternative and indie rock including shoegaze and dream pop. Curt also dabbles in electronic, folk and pop music. Curt has written his top 10 albums of the year for many years so was an immediate choice when James wanted great writers to collaborate with.

Dan Sullivan- Designer and Social Media Adviser

Dan has been known to James since they were teenagers playing in bands together. Dan is best known as one of the founders of the successful On The Bus festival and for being a multi-instrumentalist currently touring the world with punk band Disorder.