SINGLE REVIEW: YOWL’s take on the lockdown-era is fanciful and powerful on video for ‘Sunken Boy’. 

YOWL have been known to capture the frustration for the London 9-5 and a city pricing out the poorest like nobody else, but the video for Sunken Boy takes you through the alienation and exhaustion of lockdown: the dissatisfaction with life that Gabriel Byrde’s poetry portrays so magnificently. 

“YOWL decide that they are sick of being confined and trapped”

With a bastardised hybrid of It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia and South Park, YOWL’s twisted puppet versions ripple in the air like shimmers along hot tarmac. When an orange walks into bar, made from a cardboard box, the bartender tells them of a terrible band who just cannot stop performing. After playing for a while, YOWL decide that they are sick of being confined and trapped, and head “straight for the fourth wall” – escaping into a real and exciting world.

“The emotional music, fringing on country, is euphoric and joyous: a life-changing moment.”

Psychedelic wonders greet them, along with a wise, Godly cat who convinces them to take a leap of faith. The emotional music, fringing on country, makes this sentiment euphoric and joyous: a life-changing moment. But as with YOWL, they can quickly avalanche into the spikey-punk that terrifies and puts you on edge; realising that there is no escape from this monotonous existence. YOWL are devastating; thunderous guitars and a fearsome, viscous vocal delivery shakes you to the core as the lust for life is torn out of you. 

The bar tender says “I wish you would leave” and the band replies “me too”. A short dialogue that everyone who is held up in lockdown can relate to. We all want to leave. We are all drained; lacklustre.

Having been separated throughout this time, Pechkam 5-piece YOWL have committed their time to making this video for a song that parallels life today, from their 2019 EP Atrophy. Sunken Boy reflects on a deflated character, tired and in despair. A suitable choice of songs to construct a music video for, considering everyone’s mood many months after lockdown has started. 

YOWL continue to create high quality, meaningful and provocative pieces of work, adding another exhilarating video to their list of impressive achievements. 



Words by Jack Pritchard @jackpritchard_