Felt Cute Fest (Might Delete Later) Q&A: WRECK

Norwich trio WRECK are one of those bands that really need to be seen live to be fully appreciated, with the sheer energy they pour into their sets and the electric presence they bring to the stage. Pioneering a heady mix of rough-edged punk, classic rock, and distortion-savvy psychedelia, they have one of the sharpest voices in the British punk scene right now, even though the definition is far too narrow for their unique musical take.

Q. Tell us something about what inspires your creative process, and the mood you try to create with your music.

A. It’s hard to say really. An idea or creative spark can come from anywhere; a cool film, a cool song, an observation of sorts, drugs? it’s all relevant.

Q. How would you describe your sound in one sentence?

A. Our sound is always evolving. I suppose energy is something that has been there consistently throughout our time as a band.

Q. Have you been working on something new recently, and what are your plans for the second half of the year?

A. We’ve recently made the addition of Louis on bass, so we’ve been adapting to the new lineup whilst also writing some new material. Our plan for the later stage of the year is to hopefully get back to gigging again! Due to the pandemic we were unable to tour our new EP.

Q. If you could choose your dream venue to play after reopening, what would it be?

A. We’d love to play the Electric Ballroom in London.

Q. You’re one of the bands pushing punk sounds back to prominence in the UK. Are you seeing a bit of a punk renaissance, and if so, what role do you see yourselves playing in it?

A. I think post-punk as a sub genre has certainly made a renaissance in UK. I wouldn’t consider us a post-punk band, but in terms of a punk renaissance we’d love to play a big part in it.

Q. What have grassroots venues meant for you in your personal experience? Can you tell us something about a grassroots music venue that is particularly dear to you, or that helped shape your love of music?

A. Grassroot venues have meant everything to us in terms of growing as a band. Gringos bar in our home city of Norwich: a sweaty little club in the heart of the city. We played our first ever show there and have been back countless times since.

Q. What is, to you, the most exciting thing about playing in a digital festival?

A. Being able to showcase our new songs to an audience!

WRECK are playing on Friday, July 24th at 5:30 PM.