Felt Cute Fest (Might Delete Later) Q&A: Bird Shoes

Bird Shoes are no strangers to a good old classic punk mood, but they have taken the concept and made it a brand new fit for the 2020s. Their lyrics are not scared of getting in your face and with a bold repertoire of scratchy guitars and blunt riffs, they are a presence meant for a live show. The Hampshire duo imbue their music with a spirit that is as old as music itself and a brazenness that feels very fresh, without forgetting an ever-present tinge of irony. There is no doubt that they have something to say – and they are going to say it out loud, for everyone to hear.

Q. Tell us something about what inspires your creative process, and the mood you try to create with your music.

A. We start out with a really strong rhythm and tend to get hypnotised by that. The rest seems to follow organically so we try not to focus too much of a direction until it becomes clear in a really natural way.

Q. How would you describe your sound in one sentence?

A. If pop music and dance music where chucked in a blender and served over ACDC juice.

Q. Your music has a very specific kind of cutting sense of humour to it. Is this a way to fight back against the issues of our times? Where does humour fit in your writing?

A. I think it has just ended up coming out that way, it’s probably a subconscious way of dealing with issues in our writing in a way that leaves the listener open to their own interpretation of the song. Humour is a massive part of Bird Shoes because we are drawn towards the satirical style of writing and sarcasm seems more interesting to us.

Q. Have you been working on something new recently, and what are your plans for the second half of the year?

A. We have been working on loads! Too much for us to handle it seems. But yeah we are just finalising ideas and looking to record very soon.

Q. If you could choose your dream venue to play after reopening, what would it be?

A. The O2, cause it’s MASSIVE.

Q. What do you think about the music community’s response to the lockdown? Have you been taking part in any projects?

A. It’s been really sad to watch the struggle, we actually feel in many ways the music industry has been changing dramatically for the last 5 years anyway so this has just amplified things in many ways. We are keeping our heads in our music at the moment and using this time to find a new way to adapt. The world of music will most definitely not be the same when we can resurface so we’re just planning for that and staying positive.

Q. The lockdown has been an occasion to reflect collectively on mental health, especially for those who drew strength and support from live music. Have these themes been part of your reflections and songwriting recently?

A. They have. It’s been an experience that has forced us to look in the mirror and see a lot of truths about ourselves so it’s been interesting to start to communicate these feelings in our music. A lot about mortality if I’m honest.

Q. You have a very powerful presence on stage. How does your music translate to working in the studio, compared to performing live?

A. Our music changes as we perform it. Which is why I’m learning to focus on the initial premise of the song, whether that be the lyrics or the actual structure of the tune. We are at the point where we’d like our records to be a very separate experience to live. Our live shows are fun and energetic, so we want to explore a deeper side to us on record.

Q. What have grassroots venues meant for you in your personal experience? Can you tell us something about a grassroots music venue that is particularly dear to you, or that helped shape your love of music?

A. I think the most important thing about those venues and its community is those individuals running them or simply leading the way. We’ve played a lot of shit shows in shit venues but the best part about them is always that one person who is the pioneer of taste and puts in the extra time to make the scene what it is.

Q. What is, to you, the most exciting thing about playing in a digital festival?

A. It’s probably the future, right! We could be some of the first to leap into the new age.

Bird Shoes are playing on Friday, July 24th, at 6:00 PM on Underscore Part 3 Stage 1.

Words: Chiara Strazzulla @thestrazzulla