EP REVIEW: Brighton rioters DITZ have released a collection of their latest singles on their new 12” via Alcopop! Records. 

“This collection of singles will get you riled up in your bedroom or on the dance floor”

Showcasing the modern DITZ; deep, broody bass tones, squealing guitars and dangerous sonic drop off, this collection of singles will get you riled up in your bedroom or on the dance floor.

DITZ are heavily influenced by the hardcore punk and noise rock of the 80s and 90s – giving them an erratic and frenzied live show; amazingly retaining the energy in their recorded releases. The Marching drums and whining guitars introduce the broody Seeking Arrangements, There’s a really exciting contrast in the loud and quiets; jumping between anticipation and an explosive release. Feeling the frustration in the lyrics “you take me for granted”, this song injects a sense urgency and drive into the listeners – drive that, we are sure, will get some big, sweaty lads jumping around in a mosh pit, spilling their beer all over the other people trying to enjoy the gig. 

With Gayboy, DITZ explore the self-perpetuating anger of bigotry. feeding back guitars throughout the verse feel like the tensions and aggravations caused by dealing with such a backwards person. With one of the catchiest choruses on the EP, shifting up a gear halfway through to make it even more intense, we really see the band’s maturity in sound experimentation. Compare it to EP1 released back in 2016, the sounds feel spearheaded; much more electrified and unique. 

“Dark, distorted guitars and thrashing drums shake you around like a chew toy in the mouth of a Rottweiler”

Total 90 was an absolutely amazing single, in its own right. Alongside the music video, which features some familiar faces (note worthy appearances from FUR and SLAVES). The track feels a lot like an IDLES or Fontaines DC style protest song: repeating thought provoking lines such as “their eyes undress, their mouths to be fed” that weigh over your head like a stormy rain cloud. After screeching through an ominous verse, in classic DITZ fashion, they make the track deep and wonky when dark, distorted guitars and thrashing drums shake the listeners around like a chew toy in the mouth of a Rottweiler. 

Rattling side sticks with lazy, deep vocals and a wonky guitar riff set the scene for Role Model, only to be stomped on by the band as they come in. A lion roaring, an unpredictable descent into noise; it perfectly sums up DITZ’s ability to jump between dynamic extremes seamlessly. 

DITZ are known for their erratic and powerful live performances – having supposed to have been playing with IDLES earlier this year (before the world fell apart). They have also become popular for covering Fuck The Pain Away: a blinding and sexy anthem by Peaches. It provides the comedic, less serious identity of DITZ that was explored back on EP1. 

Grab a copy of the EP on the DITZ Bandcamp page or through Alcopop! Records now. If you’re a fan of IDLES, Fontaines DC, or if you’re susceptible to some shouty post-punk that will turn your stroll to the shops into a stomping march, then you will enjoy this!


Out now

Words by Jack Pritchard @jackpritchard_