We here at Underscore Part 3 HQ are like most of the UK are scratching our heads at what on earth to do in this weird and not wonderful world we’ve found ourselves thrown into. Well considering we’re always chatting shit to the best acts on the sea of global indie we decided to use this to our advantage and get a plethora of acts to give us some lockdown tips! After a wonderful live set for our #StayHome Sessions we caught up with Josh, Oil, Lucas and Lewis to see how lockdown has been for them and what’s in store for the future!

Recently Off the Record did a piece asking people for their top 3 isolation albums, could we ask yours? One classic, one newish and one curve ball?


1) Panic! At the Disco – AFYCSO

2) All Time Low – Wake up sunshine

3) Tonight Alive – All Shapes & Disguises


1) Joy Division – Unknown Pleasures

2) The 1975 – Notes on a Conditional Form

3) Brian Eno – Music for Films


1) Tears For Fears – Songs From The Big Chair

2) Bad Suns – Disappear Here

3) Ben Folds – Rockin’ The Suburbs


1) Fleetwood Mac – Rumours

2) Catfish and The Bottle men- The Balance

3) Chris Stapleton – Traveller

What’s your current favourite series/TV show you’re binging?

Josh – The Simpsons

Oli – Stranger Things/It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Lucas – The Boys

Lewis – The Office US

What is the first thing you’ll do after lockdown is lifted?

Josh – Definitely going to loads of gigs as I’ve discovered some top class bands during lockdown

Oli – Yeah, I would have to say that live music is what I miss the most. I would also just like to travel to a random town and go exploring around all their charity shops and have a little cappuccino in a cafe.

Lucas – definitely going to hit up the charity shops in my area and see what gigs are happening too

Lewis – Go to the pub and watch a band

What is your favourite snacky snack for quarantine?

Josh – Maryland cookies

Oli – I can’t lie, I’m not really a snacking kind of guy. Think I might have had chips a few too many times since Maccies opened though.

Lucas – Mini cheddars and/or Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough

Lewis – Marmite on Toast

What are your top tips for staying sane during isolation?

Josh – Structured routine

Oli – I think it is very important to stay in contact with the people who are closest to you. Opening up to them is a big thing in staying sane and feeling less alone. Also exercise and good food are also super helpful to keep you fit and healthy through these tough times.

Lucas – yeah definitely keeping in touch with friends is so important. And also trying to stay productive, in my case creatively just trying to keep ticking on

Lewis – Stay in bed longer; then the day is shorter

If you could go to any gig tonight who would be on the line up?

Josh –  Rob Lynch, Transit, Knuckle Puck, Four Year Strong

Oli – If we were allowed bands from any era, I would have to have a band like The Beatles to headline if they could play music from any album. I’d also want Oasis and The Smiths there. I would like to have contemporary artists like Clairo and Snail Mail there too as I am yet to see them perform.

Lucas – this is a tough one. There are so many bands I’d love to see live who I haven’t already seen. I’d love to see Foster the People

Lewis – Vulfpeck, Stevie Wonder, Fleetwood Mac

A lot of acts are doing lots of digital things to entertain their fans, have you done anything yet or do you have any plans? What are/were they?

We have managed to do a range of initiatives to keep ourselves and our audiences occupied. We did a really cool open mic night with a band called Deco, in addition to playing Suckers Quarantine Fest by taking over their page with a live stream.  We have also tried to interact more with other bands through starting up our Rambling Club Podcast, speaking to up and coming bands from all over the country such as Cherry Lotus, Muddy Elephant and Myriad. This was really interesting to see how our peers were managing to stay active in a band over the lockdown period.

What’s in store for the band once life goes back to normal?

We just want to get back on the road and play as many gigs as possible. I feel like it has been too long for all of us without the energy of live music.

Thanks so much for getting involved in Underscore Part 3’s Quarantine Q&A!

Words – Hannah Lock @hannah_elizabethphoto