The four-piece charismatic band from Dublin, Ireland, have produced an EP which is evidently free from the confines of genre. All six songs are uniquely colourful, energetic and mesmerising, with compelling beats and vocals all-round. With almost 17K followers on Instagram, the boys are undoubtedly fulfilling the musical needs of a world which is evolving expeditiously.

“The lyrics throughout the entirety of the [A Little More] are subtly metaphoric, creating a beautiful poetic ambience.”

A Little More launches the EP with immense energy and a rhythmic combination of sounds. The song’s energetic beat begins almost straight away, but there is a delicate 20-second introduction which prepares listeners for the song. The lyrics throughout the entirety of the song are subtly metaphoric, creating a beautiful poetic ambience which complements the general sound as a whole. The short verses flow effortlessly into the chorus, which is a little more upbeat than the verses themselves. A captivating feature of the chorus is the way it ends on an ellipsis, indicating mysterious ambiguity which adds a whole new layer of interest.

The next song on the EP, Drama Queen, does not fail to maintain the vitality heard within the first track. In fact, it actually takes the energetic beat to a new level, with the prominence of drumming enhancing the active beat. Lyrically speaking, the boys use repetition predominantly throughout the chorus, with the same lyric being used a multitude of times. It is plausible that this repetition is used to highlight the discomfort and emotion felt by the singer, which appears to be in relation to some form of interaction between him and a lover/ex-lover. Despite the lyrics exhibiting a serious element, the band still project their positive, feel-good vibes. A consistent, upbeat rhythm is framed by the dreamy guitar and uplifting synth, which maintains the positivity that coherently characterises Milk.

“[In Drama Queen] a consistent, upbeat rhythm is framed by the dreamy guitar and uplifting synth.”

Saudade is purely instrumental. Saudade Pt 1 is introduced rather misleadingly, as the calm and ethereal piano which begins the track leads into a much more lively soundscape. The initial piano instrumental is beautiful, compelling, and absorbing, however, the introduction of newfound energy does not take away from this. Instead, it adds a whole new alluring level to the song. After a minute or so of having evolved into a more dynamic track, the song transitions smoothly back to its origin of piano simplicity. From this, Saudade Pt 1 evolves swiftly into Pt 2, also named Search Party Animal, which re-engages the energy utilized lightly in the first part of the two-part song. The energy in Pt 2 is far more consistent, yet both parts to Saudade harness a thought-provoking beauty and round off with a certain calmness and tranquillity.

Treat Me reintroduces the vocals which were absent from the previous 2-part track, and when we hear them again, we are very aware that this element was missed. The lyrics are certainly relatable, with the boys yet again harnessing repetition to amplify their message. The track begins with a somewhat celestial entry and transitions effortlessly into a rhythmic beat, which somehow maintains an indie-pop foundation while also defying the confines of genre.

“The track [Treat Me] somehow maintains an indie-pop foundation while also defying the confines of genre.”

The last but by no means the least track in the album, Always On Time, finishes the EP with a memorable and delicate atmosphere. This song is not as upbeat as the others, but it is somewhat celestial and engaging, which sparks charming vibes and exhibits endlessly contended lyrics. Like all songs in the EP, Always On Time is boosted with one powerful moment of energy, before yet again returning to its calm, thought-provoking pace.

‘1’ does not fail to disappoint from beginning to end, with signature sparks of vitality and beautiful, out of this world soundscapes. It is memorable, energetic and dreamy all at once, and the boys certainly prove that they are ahead of our time with music which is not only fulfilling our musical needs but exceeding them. It is safe to say that we are impatient to hear their next release and follow their talented journey.


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Words by Amber-Rose Knowlton @amber.rose.knowlton