SINGLE REVIEW: Cruel Hearts Club drop a perfect slice of anthemic grunge with ‘Blame Me Too’

Simple music is inherently not all that simple otherwise we’d all be living the rockstar life. Cruel Hearts Club prove this with the perfect combination of thrashy grunge and pop, understanding the subtleties of both genres to make this mash up work so effectively.

Often with great music within the first 5 seconds you’ve heard what you need to hear and you know if this is going to be ‘your jam’. With Blame Me Too the crunch of the isolated starting riff tell you what you want to hear- Cruel Hearts Club know how to get the right tones out of their guitars and the producer clearly knows what he’s doing. That’s all it took and we were hooked!

Within 10 seconds we’ve got the whole band started up and our assessment was correct, the production on Blame Me Too reeks of Butch Vig Nevermind (which as we all know is one of the greatest rock albums ever). Although Nevermind is now close to 30 years old now it still wins over every new teen generation so Cruel Hearts Club have logically put their own spin on a classic sound.

Cruel Hearts club are exactly as described, they see themselves as a club, they promote sisterhood and want their fans to be part of something with them and to feel like their fans have the voice they haven’t got the words for. With the ability to sell out London’s The Lexington in advance recently and fans such as Iggy Pop it’s clear that both the youth and veterans think they’re doing it right. Blame Me Too is likely to be a gateway ‘drug’ for the next wave of teens with one of it’s most impressive factors being it’s anthemic, powerful, but easy-going chorus which will make the even the most conservative teen to ditch Tay Tay in favour of Avril Lavinge, a skateboard and a desire to be the girl all the bad guys want.

Cruel Hearts Club come armed for a revolution, who’s side are you on?


Out Now.

Words: James Wadsworth @jamespart31