We here at Underscore Part 3 HQ are like most of the UK are scratching our heads at what on earth to do in this weird and not wonderful world we’ve found ourselves thrown into. Well considering we’re always chatting shit to the best acts on the sea of global indie we decided to use this to our advantage and get a plethora of acts to give us some lockdown tips! After an epic acoustic performance on our #Stayathome Sessions on Instagram – we asked Max how he’s been doing in these crazy times!

Hi Max! We hope you are doing ok during lock down! Who are you currently staying/living with?

I’m currently staying and living with my Grandma.

Recently Off the Record did a piece asking people for their top 3 isolation albums, could we ask yours? One classic, one newish and one curve ball?

Well I’ve been listening to ‘Nevermind’ and ‘In Utero’ again by Nirvana, they’ve certainly helped me through this lockdown. IDLES ‘Joy’ is an act of resistance is always a great modern album. And I’ve been listening to Kate Bush’s Best of album.

What’s your current favourite series/TV show you’re binging?

I’ve been binging loads of The Last Kingdom. And I’ve almost finished watching the second series of Afterlife and the latest from Friday Night Dinner.

What is the first thing you’ll do after lockdown is lifted?

I’ll probably go straight to the pub and get absolutely pissed. But the sensible me will also get the band back into the rehearsal room to jam again!

What is your favourite snacky snack for quarantine?

I’ve been eating loads of food, probably have to say currently the Viennese Whirls!

What are your top tips for staying sane during isolation?

I think the best thing you can do is try and create your own routine in the day as it takes your mind off not doing anything. For me personally I’ve just been running every day, making music and staying connected with friends and family.

If you could go to any gig tonight who would be on the line up?

Royal Blood, QOTSA, IDLES, PIXIES.. to be honest the list is endless.

A lot of acts are doing lots of digital things to entertain their fans, have you done anything yet or do you have any plans? What are/were they?

Yeah, I’ve played a couple of Instagram live shows (one of them with the amazing Underscore) and we have also been lucky enough to release a track we recorded last year. Which is out now!

What’s in store for you/the band once life goes back to normal?

Our plan is to get back into the rehearsal room to run through and go through new songs. We want to change up our live setlist a bit. We also will be going back into the studio to record another couple of songs that we think will go down a storm!

Thanks so much for getting involved in Underscore Part 3’s Quarantine Q&A!

Thanks for having me!

Blabbermouths new track “Make it” is out now!

Check out Blabbermouth on socials @THISISBLABBERMOUTH

Words – Hannah Elizabeth @hannah_elizabethphoto