We here at Underscore Part 3 HQ are like most of the UK are scratching our heads at what on earth to do in this weird and not wonderful world we’ve found ourselves thrown into. Like many across the planet we’ve turned the internet into our stage, having smashed their set on their #stayathome sessions we wanted to get to know Jamie from Galaxy Thief a little better and get we decided to use this to our advantage and get a plethora of acts to give us some lockdown tips…

Hey! We hope you are doing ok during lock down! Who are you currently staying/living with?

Staying at a friend’s currently! I normally live at home with my parents but I was away just as lockdown started and my parents are at high risk so didn’t want to risk anything! It’s pretty nice here though so I’m lucky for that!

Recently, Off the Record did a piece asking people for their top 3 isolation albums, could we ask yours? One classic, one newish and one curve ball?

Oooh okay! I like this one! I always like to subtly flex my incredible taste in music! Let’s start with the newish one! ‘5SOS – Calm’ is an incredible album and literally has the perfect lockdown tunes with their mix between chill feel and pure vibe feel! For the classic, I have to go with ‘1 – The Beatles’, absolute classic tunes that get caught in my head every day! I used to listen to this album every morning on the way to school in my dad’s van, we both loved it, so it carries lots of great memories to! My curveball album will have to go to ‘Voice Memos – Quadeca’. It’s a curveball for me cos you don’t normally find me listening to rap, trap or the like but it’s just a sick album!

 What’s your current favourite series/TV show you’re binging?

Finally got round to watching ‘How I Met Your Mother’ which is amazing! I have just started watching Modern Family as well. I heard loads of good things about it, so I took the plunge and so far, it’s amazing! I’m often working on my laptop so like having stuff on in the background and it’s perfect for it. Side addition, been re-watching all of the Marvel films in chronological order and I’m living for it!

What is the first thing you’ll do after lockdown is lifted?

Go and get food at all of the places I’ve been missing out on (once it’s definitely safe) with my friends and family! Nandos, Taco Bell and Five Guys are high on that list!

What is your favourite snacky snack for quarantine?

Ordered myself a toastie machine so I’ve been milking that so much! Cheese, cheese and ham, cheese and bacon, pizza pockets, you name it and you can make it! It’s so convenient too! Special shout out to sour patch kids for keeping my sweet tooth entertained.

What are your top tips for staying sane during isolation?

Definitely try and get as much fresh air as possible! Even if it means opening up your windows! Make the most of your daily walk, it means you can feel less guilty for lounging around! Also, now and again, get fully dressed up, do your make up or whatever your routine is, it’s like a reset button on your brain, it really helps me work efficiently but also keeps me happy!

If you could go to any gig tonight who would be on the line up?

Would have to be a Panic! at the Disco headline show with a 1975 and Easy Life support! Eclectic mix but one hell of a gig for me!

A lot of acts are doing lots of digital things to entertain their fans, have you done anything yet or do you have any plans? What are/were they?

Been doing some occasional live streams! Spent some time doing some vlogs for our YouTube channel to keep everyone involved in what we’re up to! Just released a documentary about our journey so far which is so cool! So happy with it! It’s a good watch too, I definitely would have loved watching it a few years ago before I even joined the band!

What’s in store for you/the band once life goes back to normal?

Music, Music, Music. Sounds obvious but we just miss creating and playing together! We have lots of songs written that we want to get into the studio and record so we can release it! It’s all such a cool direction for us! We just wanna get our name on peoples lips!

Thanks so much for getting involved in Underscore Part 3’s Quarantine Q&A

Words – Hannah Elizabeth @hannah_elizabethphoto