We here at Underscore Part 3 HQ are like most of the UK are scratching our heads at what on earth to do in this weird and not wonderful world we’ve found ourselves thrown into. Well considering we’re always chatting shit to the best acts on the sea of global indie we decided to use this to our advantage and get a plethora of acts to give us some lockdown tips…

Hi Mouse! We hope you are doing ok in these crazy times! Who are you all currently staying/living with?

Thankfully, my boyfriend. Aside from being my best friend, he’s also a musician so makes an excellent mix critic, stylist and design advisor. He’s also the best cook I’ve ever known too. I’m very grateful.

Recently Off the Record did a piece asking people for their top 3 isolation albums, could we ask yours? One classic, one newish and one curve ball?

Classic – City of Evil by Avenged Sevenfold

Newish – SAWAYAMA by Rina Sawayama

Curve Ball – 30 by Vandell Andrew

I love a pop artist who pushes the boundaries and I think Rina Sawayama’s work is really important to the culture. Avenged Sevenfold were my favourite band as a teenager and City of Evil is a very inspiring album. So many songs go where you least expect them to! I’ve recently discovered Vandell Andrew’s work and it never fails to lift my mood. He’s an American saxophonist who effortlessly mixes jazz with RnB. Would highly recommend.

What’s your current favourite series/TV show you’re binging?

 I’m not really a TV binger, I get bored too quickly and have to do something else! However, I saved ’This Country’ for a rainy day. That day did come and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I grew up in a small Scottish village but so many of the details are exactly the same. It’s perfect.

What is the first thing you’ll do after lockdown is lifted?

I doubt it’ll be possible by then but GO ON HOLIDAY! My new favourite hobby has been to create lists on Airbnb of places I want to visit and stay.

If I can’t have a holiday, I’ll be booking a facial, massage and a hair appointment. My best friend runs a Cosmeceuticals business, so I’ll get to give him a cuddle as well as being pampered!

What is your favourite snacky snack for quarantine?

The rule is simple: if it’s vegan, I’ll eat it. I’ve had to stop baking for a while because I was making too many treats… I’ve now turned to making bread though!

What are your top tips for staying sane during isolation?

  1. Don’t expect anything from yourself.
  2. Laugh at least once per day, even if it feels forced at first. You don’t need to live with someone else to do that.
  3. Follow your intuition to find out what your body needs throughout the day. It probably doesn’t need that third biscuit.
  4. Just focusing on keeping yourself sane, and not upskilling, is sufficient.
  5. Keep a regular bedtime.

If you could go to any gig tonight who would be on the line up?

Ariana Grande performing Dangerous Woman in full, Tove Lo and Kim Petras (a triple headline)

Loads of acts are doing lots of digital things to entertain their fans, have you done anything yet or do you have any plans to? What are/were they?

My usual shenanigans! I also supported Paper Dragon on Facebook (this was due to happen at Rough Trade). I had a lot of fun with my performance and included my backing dancers, outfit changes, an acoustic moment and more. Check it out here for a taste of what it’s like to see me live irl: https://t.co/okj6auhDMF?amp=1

What’s in store for Mouse once life goes back to normal?

I’ve been working on my debut EP which will be ready this year. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to play a real show in 2020 so I’m focusing on making as much new music as I can!

Thanks so much for getting involved in Underscore Part 3’s Quarantine Q&A!

Check out Mouse on Spotify and her socials @shescalledmouse 

Words – Hannah Lock  @hannah_elizabethphoto