We here at Underscore Part 3 HQ are like most of the UK are scratching our heads at what on earth to do in this weird and not wonderful world we’ve found ourselves thrown into. Well considering we’re always chatting shit to the best acts on the sea of global indie we decided to use this to our advantage and get a plethora of acts to give us some lockdown tips…

Hi Michelle! Recently Off the Record did a piece asking people for their top 3 isolation albums, could we ask yours? One classic, one newish and one curve ball?

Classic: Broadcast – Tender Buttons

Newish: Ezra Furman – Sex Education Soundtrack

Curveball: Pom Poko – Birthday

What’s your current favourite series/TV show you’re binging?

I am currently binging a new season of a Dutch series called “Flora To The End Of The World.” It is a documentary series about this tough Dutch woman that visits people that live in the most remote places on this earth. In one episode she visits this French family with 2 young children that live on a tiny sailing boat in Greenland. They sail for 2 months a year and the other 10 months of the year the boat gets frozen in the water and they’ll live wherever the boat got stuck. They are doing this for over 10 years now. I find it inspiring to see how different people can live their lives.

What is the first thing you’ll do after lockdown is lifted?

Going for a nice veggie roast in the pub!

What is your favourite snacky snack for quarantine?

Definitely Oreo cookies and sea salted crisps.

What are your top tips for staying sane during isolation?

Find yourself some goals for during isolation. Maybe make a brainstorm on paper of things you want to do; it can give this period some purpose. There are so many things you can do at home! I am lucky to live with a few great housemates. We built a fort in our living room and we do daily vocal practises together.

If you could go to any gig tonight who would be on the line up?

Andy Shauf, I was supposed to see him live in March, but that obviously didn’t happen. I find his songs stunning and always get emotional listening to them.

Loads of acts are doing lots of digital things to entertain their fans, have you done anything yet or do you have any plans to? What are/were they?

We will definitely do something in the near future! All the information will appear on our socials.

What’s in store for CIEL once life goes back to normal?

Playing shows again! And we are working on some new songs via the internet right now, we all send over ideas to each other. When everything goes back to normal, I hope we can record some of the songs pretty soon.

Thanks so much for getting involved in Underscore Part 3’s Quarantine Q&A! CIEL’s amazing debut EP “Movement” is out now!

Words – Hannah Lock