A couple of weeks ago we caught up with Franky to talk all things pop, yes pop. Pop in the indie scenes is often an overlooked genre, discredited as naff, but pop is derived from the term ‘popular music’ and therefore pop has produced some of the greatest songs out there. Franky is that zest for life that we all need right now, that bounce when quite frankly we all feel downtrodden and on that note, here’s why we don’t think pop, or Franky are naff!
Hi Franky, how are you? We ask you this in the middle of a global crisis, we hope you and everyone around is coping well in this difficult time?
I’m fit and healthy so I can’t complain! Yes it’s a super tricky time for everyone so I’m in a few group chats with friends to keep each other motivated and positive wherever and whenever we can, and I’m daily thankful for all the amazing staff that are continuing to help us all during this pandemic
In light of this difficult times where the sun is out, but weren’t not able to go out we see your fun fuelled pop as the perfect antidote for cabin fever, what other acts would you recommend to listen to to kickstart you heart when feeling low?
Thank god for music that’s for sure! I’ve been listening to lots of feel good music from old school chic and sister sledge to the newest music I’ve been hearing like the weekend – your eyes, Aluna George – Alone with you, Conan Gray – Wish you were sober to name a few!
And, what activities and things do you do when times are hard?
For me at the moment I’ve been doing online Yoga, online dance classes, HIIT workouts in my garden, Learning new skills on my decks, spending time with my dog, baking and treating myself to an occasional bubble bath.
Broadly speaking your work would fall under the pop genre which is a genre that often gets a bad name for itself unnecessarily, what would you say to someone that says that all pop music is the same?
When I look at all the number one bangers that have happened through time we’ve had indie, dance, house, rnb etc there’s been so many genres that have fallen into ‘pop’ that pop to me is just something that’s popular and loved by a lot of people regardless of its sound
Now we’ve moved back on to our passion- music we want to spread Franky’s work as far as we can. Like all upcoming acts we’re already fans, but how would you describe your music to people who haven’t heard you before? Horrid question, we know, but we’re all stuck indoors right now, have a think and give us a summary.
I think the simplest way I can describe it is It’s a mix of disco and 80’s influenced production combined with Icona Pop styled chanty hooks
Thanks for sharing that with us, can you tell us about the first time you realised music was going to be a big part of your life?
I’ve been performing since I was around 4/5 years old and it’s spiralled from there. I bought a piano from eBay for a tenner at about 14 and started to write music and melodies so I’d say it’s from there that I realised I enjoyed more than just performing music I loved and that I could actually create it myself
Your work is in two strands we’re led to believe- your creative outlet as a singer/producer and your work as a DJ. Can you walk us through the full process of one of your songs coming from an idea in your head to a recorded and released piece?
It tends to be different every time, one recent example is I always have a list of title ideas that have come to me through my own experiences or others I’ve heard or just something I like the sound of and recently in the studio the producer I was working with liked one of the titles and we progressed the song from there and it felt like it wrote itself, but sometimes it can be even a voice note that comes to me at 4am.
And as a DJ, can you talk to us more about this, what is your work exactly? Are you creatively working with others records to play DJ sets or creating this work ‘from scratch’?
I’m currently mainly play disco influenced house finding songs that work well together or old school disco that I can mix with house and I do this on digital decks however I’m starting to now learn how to DJ on old school vinyl decks too which is super exciting!
We’ve been describing you as a producer assuming that part or all of the instrumentation and recording is done by you, how true is this and who else is involved in Franky’s work behind the scenes?
No I actually did All of the boys in Sweden with two co-producers, and did Follow My Lead again in Sweden with a different producer who was so much fun to work with. I don’t use just one producer I tend to mix it up but of course if I work well with a producer I always get back in to see what else we can come up with together
We’ve read that your earliest dabbling with music was as a teen on a cheap keyboard which leads us to believe DJing came second in your life. How does your work as a DJ influence your work as a singer/producer and vice-versa?
For me it’s really helpful to see what the crowds like at events or clubs as I can use that knowledge when writing my own music so that’s really useful!
This interview has become part Coronavirus and part techie, we apologise. Giving the mic back to you what else have we forgotten to cover today that you’d like to talk about?
Don’t apologise, I’ve loved this interview and I think it’s important to address everything that’s happening right now hopefully something I’ve said will help someone in someway that’s all I can ask for and makes an interesting read for everyone inside right now
Lastly we always want to give acts the opportunity to show case all they have coming but in this case a lot of people are feeling confused, what can you tell us that we can definitely expect from Franky in 2020?
There is definitely a Collab coming very soon, I love the song so can’t wait for everyone to hear it and we definitely have my 3rd single ready to go but can’t shoot for the artwork whilst social distancing so can’t say when on that one but it’s ready and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it.

Words: James Wadsworth @jamespart31