Pizzagirl is an ambassador for making 80s synth pop feel that little bit more modern. After only a 3 month hiatus, Pizzagirl hit back with another new single ‘Cape Canaveral’ on the 19th of February and now has followed up with as funky new video. His previous catalogue boasts an impressive variety:  sometimes uplifting, sometimes suspenseful, but they are always unique and this new track is no different.

This time Pizzagirl opens by firing at us with a guitar led indie groove which is simplistic, but not to its detriment – instead it offers an almost hypnotic quality that is quick to draw you in. This makes the Cape Canaveral sound strangely familiar upon first listen, assisting Pizzagirl in the difficult task of inspiring feelings of nostalgia whilst simultaneously making you hungry for what’s to come. Liam’s charm shines through as soon as he opens his mouth and this allure only grows as he sets the scene of an enigmatic party whilst even taking some time out to throw some French quip’s your way.

Towards the latter part of Cape Canaveral Pizzagirl’s signature 80s style synths join the ensemble and, they are very welcome. This happens as Liam’s (AKA Pizzagirl) clear cut vocals beckon you to join the party in Cape Canaveral and overall tells a relatable tale of escapism. If Pizzagirl’s plan was to force you to forget what you’re doing, and feel unity to the point that you want to drive down the coast of  Florida and dance to whatever the hell Liam wants you to then mission accomplished.

Overall the track feels like an open invite accompanied by a promise to fans that Liam only plans to push his sound further. Stay tuned.


Words: Alex Crowley

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