Last month the ramshackle delights that are Kiwi Jr. dropped their album Football Money. With elements of a wide scope of indie including The Strokes and Pavement- esque sounds we decided to get to grip with the group in our favourite way possible- quizzing them on their song names…


1. Murder In The Cathedral
Eminem surprised us dropping Music To Get Murdered By on the same
day as your new album Football Money. How familiar with Eminem’s work
are you? And will you be giving his new album a spin?

Brian Murphy: We had a conversation about Eminem’s style of vocal doubling
before recording Football Money. The way some rappers accentuate certain
lines by doubling is quite effective. However, I wouldn’t say any of us are huge
fans. Maybe on tour we’ll put his new record on to get pumped up, or maybe
because we all want to murder each other.

2. Leslie
A Leslie is the name of a rotating speaker amp, that is our fact to you,
please you give our readers a fact about any famous Lesley in history? If
you have happen to have used a Leslie before can you tell us about that

Brian Murphy: Leslie Neilson’s likeness makes a quick uncredited (and
unlicensed) cameo in our music video for Leslie, but the label was slightly
worried about any sort of repercussions, so we buried it. I think you can still see
him in there briefly, though.

3. Salary Man
What’s the worst job you had an what was so bad about it? Lastly, how
did you leave the job- did you leave or did you get fired?

Brian Murphy: The worst job I had was working at Tim Horton’s. I’d have to be
at work for 6am on weekends, dealing with stressed parents and donut kids.
One morning I had to scrub the entire dining room floor with a toothbrush and a
mug of hot water. Also, wearing a hair net under a visor when you’re in junior
high school does NOT bode well for your dating life. I don’t recall ever actually
quitting. I think I just stopped showing up.

4. Gimme More
If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing in life, what would it be
and why?

Brian Murphy: I would love an unlimited supply of (Kiwi Jr. drummer) Brohan
Moore!! If Brohan gets tired and needs to sleep, I can just hang out with
another Brohan, which would go on and on into eternity.

5. Comeback Baby
You’re with your friend at the park and his dog has run off, what’s your
best way to lure the dog back? Have you ever had/do you have any pets,
tell us about them?

Brian Murphy: I once went to walk Jeremy’s dog Angus when he first adopted
him from a foster dog group. Angus was clearly a bit agitated adjusting to his
new home in Canada, and when I bent down to pick you know what up, he
bolted! I ended up running around the neighborhood for the better part of a day
trying to find him, but he was safely found about 6 blocks away. Angus has
since grown into his life as a Toronto rescue dog and is essentially an icon on
the streets of Toronto. Sorta like Drake!

6. Soft Water Apple
If you could invent any fruit flavour of soft drink what flavour would it be?
What’s your favourite soft drink that’s currently available?

Jeremy Gaudet: Kiwi flavored soda. You don’t see kiwi used as a flavour in a
lot of things, which is something we’re working to fix. Keep your eye on the
merch table.

7. Football Money
What’s your favourite sport to play? And do you follow and sports/sports

Mike Walker: We are all huge fans of the Montreal Canadiens so I gotta go with
the Habs. But we’re also big Raptors fans, so last year’s NBA playoff run and
eventual championship was very special. I can remember being a kid and
watching Vince Carter winning the slam dunk contest. We like to play a lot of
sports; hockey, shooting hoops, tennis.

8. Nothing Changes
What is the biggest change that happened to your life last year?

Mike Walker: Probably our first shows recently in the UK was a huge change,
especially as our planning coincided with Jeremy having to move out of his
apartment. Nothing like coming home from your first tour to an apartment full of
boxes. Also the UK crowd seemed to know us better than our hometown
crowds somehow.

9. Swimming Pool
If Kiwi Jr were going to the beach we want you to advise us how to
manage the classic problem, what tips do you have for stopping your
house ending up full of sand forever more?!

Mike Walker: We all come from an island and know the best approach is to
embrace it. Go all in on a waterbed. A sandbox in the backyard. Tan colored
duvets. Crackers straight from the box. Why go to the beach at all?

10. Wicked Witches
The Wicked Witch of the West is a famous character from The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, what is your favourite fictional character and why?

Mike Walker: Brohan’s going to be pissed if I don’t say Batman. But I’m going
to say my recent favourite is Frances Price, from Patrick Dewitt’s novel “French Exit”.

Words: James Wadsworth @jamespart31