If you were growing up in Dorset in the 2000’s and liked rock music chances are you loved Clams. The idea of a successful band coming out of the weird towns of the backwards county was all to much to bare! Clams looked like demonic versions of pop band Hanson both bands with mass of hair but instead of mmmboping these guys were thrashing out riffs that earned them the main support slot with Audioslave. Unfortunately the industry was cruel to the trio and until 2018 it had all gone dark. Thankfully we were able to get lead singer/guitarist Richard Peacock to sit down and have a chat with us to exclusively spill all the news.
Hi Rich, how are you? We know that you’ve got a big announcement to make, what can you fans be looking forward to?
Hi, i’m really well thanks. Yes, we’re totally stoked to announce that we are dropping our first album in over a decade Stone Lane on Friday April 3rd and celebrating with a launch party on the same day at The Anvil rock bar in Bournemouth.
That’s quite literally music to our ears. So the album is called Stone Lane, what more can you tell us about the album?
The album has got a classic rock, bluesy soul vibe to it which was kind of dictated to us by the songs that came along at the time. The album has 15 tracks and is quite varied. We wanted to go for a looser approach to a set of songs so there are a couple of short jams that were made up on the spot in the studio which enhances the loose style and makes it more if a cohesive album piece. We recorded all of the music live in one weekend with just vocals being overdubbed. This captured the live feel, made us work harder and led the playing to be more spontaneous. On one of the tracks we literally got the riff together while Pete was in the loo, he came back in and we said “play along to this”, hit record and did the take. It was all a bit like that!
Ok, we still know that you’re got more to share. In the early 2000s Metal Hammer described you as “A six armed riff beast they pump out gargantuan tunes”. What’s going on in Clams camp these days?
Well, since then we’ve grown into a 10 arm riff beast. Clams is now the 3 of us plus Jon Kearley on guitar and Lee Cross on keys. It became obvious to us that the songs written for Stone Lane lent themselves to a bigger, fuller sound. I had played in a band with Jon before and I knew he would be the best man for the job, he has such a natural style and can whip a solo out of thin air that’ll knock you out. We were really racking our brains when it came to the keys, we wanted someone who is into piano, Hammond, and Rhodes keyboard sounds. We spent ages trying to think of someone when we had an epiphany moment. Pete and I used to go to school with Lee and knew he played keys in other bands but had lost touch. We had a mutual friend who put us in touch with him, he turned up to rehearsal and killed it. That’s when the sound felt complete. 
There must have a first person of the the three of you who suggested getting back in the rehearsal room, tell us about that and tell us about that and the first rehearsal back together? And, lastly when did Jon and Lee enter the practice room?
So back in 2017/18 the three of us got back in a rehearsal room together for the first time in  about 8/9 years. I cant remember how it came about but I think I went for a drink with Pete initially and mentioned that I had written some riffs, we got in touch with Olly and set up a rehearsal. All 3 of us were back in the local area and had stayed friends so we thought why not?! The 3 of us recorded an E.P. called Pheonix which came out in 2018 and then we started work on Stone Lane album. That’s when we got Jon involved, then a few months later Lee came onboard.
It’s great that after all these years you’ve reformed with all full original line, but have added to live up to fill the sound. What were the main influences of the 2000s Clams and what acts are a big influence on you these days that weren’t in the 2000s?
When we first started we were all about the noise, fuzzed up guitars, big riffs and hard hitting songs, but we always had a mellower side at the same time, we had quite a few acoustic songs for the whole light and shade vibe. We have so many influences but for me back then I was heavily into kyuss and the whole desert rock scene, led zeppelin, Nick Drake, Cream etc, there was always a bluesy element to our music, and there has always been a point where all of our musical influences met up. I think we have retained that bluesy element but maybe it’s a little more pronounced now. I have been really getting into stuff like Humble Pie, The Faces, Ike and Tina and The Band from way back when and also stuff like Black Angels and Reignwolf who are a little more current! The Clams production sound has always been the same, raw and dirty! 
At the peak of Clams career last time round was your main support slot at Brixton Academy for the legendary Audioslave, can you tell us about that gig and that day?
That was a strange day, we were totally stoked to get the support slot and really looking forward to the gig. It was awesome playing in front of that many people at such a great venue. We had people in the crowd holding up banners saying “We’re from Wimborne too!” which made us crack up. We got threatened with having a brick through our van window by Audioslaves crew because unbeknown to us we had parked up in the wrong place, blocking their lorries. Audioslave were cool, some of their crew were not.
 Everyone knows before album releases band’s drop singles, what are Clams going to drop, when and tell us all about it?
We are going to be releasing a track called Come Back Home as our first single from Stone Lane on March 10th. This was originally going to be an instrumental but once the vocal melody came in we knew we had a song. If grunge and Motown had a baby…
There’s an album and a single to look forward to, but when do we get to party with Clams again?
So we are super excited to announce we will be having an album launch party at The Anvil rock bar, Holdenhurst Road, Bournemouth on release day which is Friday April 3rd. We will be doing tickets on the door and each person will receive a physical copy of the album with their ticket purchase.
We feel like we’ve squeezed every bit of info possible or our you, anything else we need to know?
We hope you enjoy listening to the album as much as we enjoyed making it. It really was a blast and we cant wait to do another one! There will be more gigs to come in the year and we hope to see you there at the front! 
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Words: James Wadsworth @jamespart31