IN FOR QUESTIONING: Panic Shack seem to be alarmed at ‘Who’s Got My Lighter’ whereas we’re desperate for a stream of the single!

Just because you’re a major league radio DJ doesn’t mean you’re a legend, but in Huw Stephens case he is the second- we love him! Huw is known for promoting the work of Welsh musicians, his work with championing new acts from all over and lastly his more primetime work. And this brings us to the point of this article… Enter Panic Shack, a band that formed about a year ago and came to our attention when Huw brought their single Who’s Got My Lighter to Steve Lamacq’s show. Panic Shack are a brilliantly ramshackle modern day indie-punk outfit getting people’s attention for their infectious sound and raucous noise, but have teased us by not even giving the single to streaming services yet, only radio. The buzz is only going to grow for Panic Shack in 2020 so we wanted to be there first to have a chat with the band who huddled around a computer for us… 

Hey Panic Shack, how are you gals feeling right now as a band?


And as we know such little about you apart from that we love your single, can you tell us who is in the band and what do they play?

Sarah ‘Hardbeats’ Harvey is our lead vocalist, we have Meg ‘Boss Dogg’ Fretwell and Romi ‘Little Bitch’ Lawrence on guitars and backing vocals, Emily ’Smico’ Smith on the Bass and CVC’s David ‘Bashman’ Bassey on the drums!

So digging about on you guys online it appears you started your online presence in around July, can you give us a full story of how the band formed and the journey so far?

We officially formed Panic Shack just over a year ago in Meg’s spare room. We were so new to it all that Romi and Meg could barely play a bar chord, let alone have a clue how to go about writing a song! Emily could ACTUALLY play her instrument and had been in a band before so we had her there to whip us into shape. As we had no songs of our own, we covered a few classics whilst googling guitar tabs. Some of those classics included, The Beatles ‘You Really Got a Hold On Me’, Dead or Alive ‘You Spin Me Right ‘Round’ and Stealers Wheel ‘Stuck In The Middle With You’…. quite an eclectic mix, there we learned that Sarah was born to be a front woman! We had one single guitar lesson from Dave (who we somehow managed to rope into being our drummer) and then we pretty quickly got stuck into writing our smash hits!

We came to know of you guys from your single Who’s Got My Lighter, I suspect this track has a frustrating story behind it- please fill us in?

Has your lighter ever gone missing on a night out? You will hear the refrain ‘baccy comes and goes’ in this track, this certainly has a story to it. Imagine this… It’s payday, you’ve waited a few weeks for a fresh pouch of baccy, gagging for it. You purchase a 30G, spending £13.95, quite the splurge. You meet your friends outside the pub, you get rolling. Your mouth is watering with anticipation. A passerby stops and asks to roll a ciggie… sure thing, you’re feeling generous, here you go. You proceed to pass over the entire pouch of bacco to this increasingly shifty looking woman. To your horror, she doesn’t go for just a pinch, she goes for a full fist grasp on at least 25G and scarpers. She’s pegging it down the road, you start screaming ‘OH! GIVE ME MY BACCY BACK!’ You have time to cool off, hey! the sun is shining, you just got paid, you’re with your mates, you realise there’s more to life than baccy… ‘Baccy comes and goes.’

We’ve heard the track thankfully due to Huw Stephens supporting you on his radio programs, but we can’t find it online. When and how will we be able to hear the track at our leisure?

We won’t leave you waiting too much longer.

Have you met Huw Stephens, how did he end up hearing Panic Shack and what has he been like to you gals?

We’re super grateful for Huw’s support, he got us our first show in London! Excited to meet him.

We’re 6 questions in now and due to your mysterious online presence people may not have heard you yet, our challenge to you is to give us 5 words, to sum up, your sound and convince people to search you out?


What’re your plans as a band?

World domination.

It appears that your Megan is a master of the splits, is this going to become as famous as Angus Young of AC/DC’s duck walk at your live gigs?

She’s a bit out of practice, If she goes down she probably won’t get back up.

We’re led to believe your single was recorded by Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard, how did that come about and what does the future hold for Panic Shack and Buzzard Buzzard Buzzard?

What you are led to believe is correct, They’re friends of ours!

We’ll both be at FOCUS Wales this spring alongside other class bands.

Finally, can you tell us everything we need to know about 2020 and Panic Shack that we don’t now know?

You’ll hear lots more from us this year. Writing, recording, gigging. We’re looking forward to making lots of new pals! Catch you on the flipside, PS x

Words: James Wadsworth @jamespart31