IN FOR QUESTIONING: With an new EP just announced we catch Wave Chase in the calm before the storm.

Some bands thrash around in their teens make a few crackers that their mates love but no one else hears, some head to uni to study something to give them a soul sucking career and stability and the final option for the burgeoning musician is to fuck up your potential security to make one last attempt at becoming an indie-rock god by studying music at uni. For most bands we would advise against the final option, the music industry is a soul sucking beast, but for Wave Chase (and George who is studying song-writing at BIMM) our odds are on a blossoming career for music so with an EP due and an exciting 2020 ahead of them we can’t wait to see what’s next. 

Hi guys, how are you? You new single Talk Tonight has just been released, how do you feel right now as a band?

Pretty good, it’s nice to finally have that song out and for everyone who may not be familiar with us to hear it. I feel like we are the tightest we have ever been as a band, in the studio and more importantly live- we want to make each gig a memorable night and just have fun with our music. – George

Right now I’m glad that our music is finally getting out there so our long time fans (parents) can listen to it in the car- Charlie

We feel raring and ready for the release of our EP, the response we have had from it has been great.- Tim

So, we’re aware like many bands their early releases are tracks that have been in their set for a while, how long have you had Talk Tonight and how did it come about?

It’s been in our set a long time, I think it was the 3rd or 4th song I wrote for this band. I was listening to a lot of Two Door Cinema Club at the time. Their first album is a huge inspiration for me, even though the track didn’t really turn out like a Two Door sounding song, the others unique parts really gave it, its own sound. It’s quite a summery hook driven song, but with some pretty sad boy lyrics underneath…which I think is cool! – George

Talk Tonight and Walk The Walk have a similar sonic sound and styling of artwork in comparison to the previous 3 releases, are we in a new phase of Wave Chase and what is this phase about?

We recorded our first 3 singles at the same time, so we wanted a cohesive artwork scheme for those songs, we got the idea from the early Vaccines singles. Walk the Walk and Talk Tonight were recorded in a separate recording session earlier this year. Again, we wanted something that looks a bit more presentable and eye catching! We really liked what The Night Café were doing with the single block image idea for all their singles, so we basically stole their idea! In terms of a ‘phase’ I think these singles are drawing a line under our current style and image. We’ve been writing some more grungy-er stuff so it’s exciting to see what the future holds…but at the moment we are fully invested in promoting this current flurry of songs and building a fan-base. – George

Not really a phase, we just wanted to be lazy with the artwork…- Mickey

I’m not sure about a new phase of Wave Chase any more than us just wanting to up the production value- Charlie

Of course, every band changes in sound as they right more music. Changes keep it fresh for both us and anyone who follows our music, in both a live aspect and streaming . – Tim

We’ve read you have a full EP recorded, we wanna know as much as we can about it; what can you reveal to us about it today?

It’s coming in the next month, we went to our friend’s Jamie and Jake from Galaxy Thief’s home studio in Swanage, Dorset for 5 days and recorded the entire EP. It was pretty tiresome; we were doing 12 hrs days to try get the perfect takes. We have a working title of ‘Tell me what to know…’ which is a lyric from a track called ‘Right Side’ that features on the EP. We liked it as it is kind of a coming of age EP and knowing fshit all about adulthood and how to be a grown up’ – George.

It has some songs on it, that’s all I’m allowed to say- Mickey

it’s and handful of stuff we wrote over a year ago, get ready for some tasty lead lines from mickey, and a sprinkle of magic from Charlie hitting stuff.- Tim

Bournemouth bred and now you’ve moved to Brighton, you literally are Wave Chas-ing, how has it been moving to Brighton and except for what you’re learning at BIMM uni what affect has it had on the band?

For starters, there’s more waves in Brighton but I still haven’t been surfing…

Brighton is great, in terms of a music scene it absolutely rinses Bournemouth. As much as I love my hometown and playing shows there, you can only do so much as a band before it’s time to move on. Brighton is such a small city, so it feels like everyone knows everyone, and there’s more of a buzz and support for live music and venues. I can count on 1 hand all the music venues in Bournemouth, whereas in Brighton I’m discovering a new one each day. Going to BIMM has opened my eyes into how much work you have to do off your own back and how important networking is. As a band, it’s somewhere we really wanna break, as I feel it is the next step for us! We have some exciting plans for the new year and you’ll see us on the bill of some Brighton shows very soon!!! -George.

Where can people see you live next? 

We are playing Heartbreakers in Southampton on the 12th December, and then a hometown Xmas show at The Anvil in Bournemouth on the 21st December, supporting Death by Shotgun, who are one of the best local bands around! Best of all the Anvil gig is FREE…so get down early!!! Then we have some plans in the works for the new year  which is very exciting!

We’re in the thick of best of lists, what albums and artists have really caught your attention this year?

SWMRS- Berkley’s on Fire. A Sonically amazing album and exciting song writing. Beabadoobee ‘Space Cadet EP’. Saw her on the dirty hit tour in Brighton recently and she’s deffo my favourite artist right now. A Brighton band called BEACHTAPE are pretty good as well, check out ‘Somebody like hugh’.- George.

I mean recently I’ve been really into Picasso, he’s my favourite artist.- Mickey

Mainly those new Wave Chase songs you were talking about – Charlie

So many bands/artists, we are constantly sharing new music with eachother, to name some in particular we are loving king nuns new album, sugartheif have released a bangin ep and local band Crystal tides (Portsmouth) are releasing diamond standard singles.- Tim

How do you want to sign off this interview, what do you want to say to current fans and ones you want to win over? This is your Boris Johnson/Jeremy Corbyn election debate moment

Come watch us play and stream the EP when it’s out so it’s not just our Dads at the shows… and just a massive thanks for everyone for supporting us- George

Thanks for all the support Mum…xoxoxo- Mickey

Follow our instagram @Wavechaseband to make sure the NHS doesnt get privatised- Charlie

Support live music lads, just go to gigs there’s nothing quite like it girls and boys. -Tim

Questions: James Wadsworth @jamespart31