IN FOR QUESTIONING: We definitely aren’t going to ‘Trash Talk’ about Lazybones with their recent banging single.

With Lazybones latest single Trash Talk still ringing in our ears we had to find out more from the brains behind the beast. Lazybones were one of those great discoveries that lands in the submissions inbox and you never really know what to expect. With Lazybones think big sassy riffs and bold statements with all their output so far.

Recently you dropped your latest single Trash Talk which gained solid reviews and airplay, how do you feel as a band right now?
We feel excited and ready to see what 2020 brings! When we look at where we were last year we’ve come a long way and it’s been such an amazing year for us, and ending it on ‘Trash Talk’ is just the icing on the cake. We feel like we’ve stepped up our game and we’re ready to keep on working hard and releasing new music.

Let’s get this straight out of the way, we’re giving you 3 words or bands to win over new fans… go?

Raw, punky pop OR Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Queens of the Stone Age, Blondie

We’ve been checking the music video for Trash Talk which could in parts be described as the punk equivalent of Queen’s I Want To Break Free, can you tell us about how the video came about and can you tell us more about its concept?

Well that’s a bloody good comparison – thanks! Music videos are notably hard to do, especially at the moment. It’s really hard to keep a person’s attention as we’re so used to getting everything instantly, so we always try to make funny, DIY videos that people can enjoy for the whole 3 minutes and we can show that ‘happy to take the piss out of ourselves’ side of the band. This idea came simply from that and a need to keep it cheap (we’re not rolling in it) so we did a one shot video and thought ‘trash talk’ – let’s be cleaners!

We’re aware that Trash Talk is about “That moment when you know you’re about to say something you’ll regret, when you’re right on the edge and you just can’t stop it.” Is this a hypothetical situation you often find yourself in or is this written with a person and situation in mind? We want to know all? Will that person know that it’s written about them if they heard it?
At the time of writing I’m pretty sure I was harbouring some anger in there from the night before, but in general it’s something we’ve all experienced loads of times. Sometimes it’s just really hard to bite your tongue! Without talking specific situations if they heard it I think they’d enjoy it – kinda defeats the point but there we go!

Listening to you is an explosion of energy, what happens at your live shows?
We’re a live band and our music definitely really comes alive then. Our live shows are like a big ball of energy – a mass of loud dirty riffs, punky attitudes, singing in your face, sweat, headbanging, dancing – anything goes. We work really hard on putting on a good show and being as tight as possible as a band and when people sing back and dance with us it makes it all worth it. It’s something we’re all really proud of.

What’s with the yellow? Is that a current branding for Trash Talk or this going to be the uniform for the current phase of the band?
We’ve been wearing yellow since our last EP so it’s definitely a uniform now. It’s our middle finger to fashion as we’re fed up of serious rock bands stood by graffiti and we want to show it’s fine to be in a rock band or be into a rock band and have fun. We’re totally happy being uncool and we welcome anyone along to be uncool with us!

Earlier this year you dropped your Bang Bang! EP and have recently toured the Trash Talk single, what will be seeing from Lazybones next year?
We’ve been busy writing so who knows…! We can’t say too much now but we’re going to keep working hard, releasing new music, maybe another tour or two. We’ll have to see where the year takes us and we can’t wait!

Questions: James Wadsworth @jamespart31