Bird Shoes have been kicking around the south coast scene for a couple of years now, but like many it can take time to take to the first bunch of songs to blossom- and in 2019 that’s just what they have done. Having released three singles under Killing Moon Records, playing alongside Wolf Alice at a charity fund raiser, bringing their ferocious set as support for Lady Bird, LIFE and wowing crowds with their headline set we’ve got our best shoes on and can’t wait to join the ride with Bird Shoes this 2020.

Hey, how are you? recently you’ve just played a packed sold out hometown show, supported LIFE and you’ve just supported Lady Bird, how do you feel as a band right now?

We feel really confident about where we’re at! We are enjoying Bird Shoes more than ever, we’ve had a great reaction to our first few releases and our live shows are getting bigger and better, so no complaints!

And we’re led to believe that signing to Killing Moon Records happened this year, can you tell us more about that?

Yeah that’s right. We were in conversation with a few labels and Killing Moon just seemed to understand us and get onboard really quickly. They’re just really nice poeple too.

The singing to KIlling Moon caused you to do a special gig with giants Wolf Alice, right? Tell us more about that special night?

So the night was in aid of raising money for the homeless so it was a no brainer for us. Plus the minor fact of having the chance to share the headline slot with Wolf Alice. We headlined the second stage which was a stripped back session kinda set up. It was our first ever experience with doing a stripped back version of our tunes so the challenge was a really exciting prospect. The crowd received us with open arms and as with a lot of our shows we had a good laugh with it.

Two piece bands are great if done well, but also have a tendency to be contrived and boring- we love you but can talk to our readers a bit about what makes you stand out?

I think we see ourselves as artists first. there seems to be a tendency to fall into the two piece aesthetic and write with the two piece dynamic in mind. We try not to write our music in a particularly two piece way. We love big hooks and big sounds so the fact that we are only two musicians gives us a challenge that we enjoy stepping up to.

What are some of the albums/bandss that both of you love mutually that you use as a reference point for any part of your sound, style, presentation?

For us its a mixture of an aggressive and sometimes eccentric approach to classic 4/4 indie rock. We both love hypnotic beats and sharp riffs. Bands like Queens of the Stone Age, The strokes and Viagra Boys probably describe our approach to our own music. However we literally listen to anything and everything.

Live and on record there’s pockets of extra backing instrumentation- will Bird Shoes always stay a 2 piece? And what is your reasoning behind this?

We want for more than just our immediate physical capabilities. We love electronic music too so the typical rock band set up just doesn’t excite us.

Ok, continuing our interrogation, we’re not even going to ask you why you’re named Bird Shoes, but we are going to ask you to think of a bird of your choice and design in your heads a shoe for that bird. Can you tell us about the features of the shoe and explain it, feel free to do a drawing?

Imagine a stalk in a pair of penny loafers, stood next to a pigeon in a pair of action man shoes. That is James and me.

So, we’ve got to the end of the year, the time when musos and journalists will be collating their best of lists. What are some of the best albums, singles, EP’s, bands you’ve enjoyed this year?

Well in terms of bands this year there has been some amazing new bands. (Squid, Viagra Boys, The Slaughter house band, Feet)

Finally, 2020, what plans can you reveal to us?

We are in the process of recording 6 brand new tracks and we are also about to shoot a music video. So new music, New videos, new year, New us and we can not wait!

Questions: James Wadsworth @jamespart31

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