“Get ready to do you best ‘Waynes World we’re not worthy’ impression, The C33s have [captured their live energy] on this surf, garage punk banger.”

Since rock’n’roll was invented the conundrum for bands and studio engineers has been – how do you capture the live energy as well as the musicianship on record? Capturing indescribable energy is the ‘bread and butter’ of the world’s greatest sounddesk twiddlers, but often eludes less experienced bands in budget studios… Get ready to do your best “‘Waynes World’ we’re not worthy” impression, The C33s and their team have cracked it on this surf, garage punk banger.

Weighing in at under 3 minutes in length and with a similar number of chords there will never be a thesis written about Resurrection Men, some tracks simply don’t need to be dissected to that length to be of equal greatness to those that do. On previous efforts The C33s have set their roots in punk and post punk with only drizzles of surf and garage whereas with Resurrection Men The C33s have embodied all that we love of such legends of this styling. Resurrection Men is a perfect playlist track for fans of The Mummies, The Cramps and the niche ‘horror punk’ genre. Although in the digital age album artwork seems to be becoming a lost art only featuring on phone screensavers when listening to the track, for Resurrection Men drummer Judy Jones designed the artwork to let The C33s audience thave no questions as to the tracks zombie themes with a gunge green, dripping logo and gravedigging scene. Whether this track will be used as a re-energiser half way through the set or as an opener or closer it’s sure that The C33s will see graveyard bops wherever this is heard.

“[Achieving everything it sets out to] it would be rude not to rate The C33s Resurrection Men with anything less than 10/10.”

When thinking of a song’s worth it’s often easy to over analyse it, but it’s clearly apparent that The C33s aim is to infect us with horror punk and to capture their live aura on record. With this in mind it would be rude not to rate The C33s Resurrection Men with anything less than 10/10.


Out Now.

Words: James Wadsworth @jamespart31



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