SHOW ME THE PUNNY #8: False Advertising answer questions with us based on puns of their song titles.

Having recently dropped their debut album Brainfreeze it’s likely that False Advertising have faced a barrage of interviews about the recent album. At the prospect of not just having one member of False Advertising available to answers questions with us, but all three members of the band we decided to take a different approach. Well, that and with lead guitarist Jen’s successful career in design often involving musicians we felt it was once again time to push our creative brains with another round of Show Me The Punny. Brainfreeze is the type of rock album the world needs, dangling perfectly between relevant, generic and genre pushing to create 11 dance around the room mirror posing bangers. Here’s what False Advertising had to say to us when we asked them questions vaguely using their song titles as the themes…

1. Influenza

Who in the band gets the sick most often? Bonus question, have any of the band had any gnarly operations?

Jen: I think I get sick as much as a regular person probably. I did once lose my voice on tour though which was genuinely the worst thing ever to happen, but because we switch places in the band we just played entire sets with Chris fronting.

Chris: Yeah it was awful never doing that again hahaha. I think Jen gets sick the most out of us because she works too hard and does not sleep.
Josh :  Ahah Chris is basically a cyborg with his messed up wrist. Luckily I have been the least sick or accident prone.

02. You Said

Who in the band is the most forgetful and what do they forget to bring/do when playing in False Advertising?
Jen: Probably me, I always forget things when I leave the flat, sometimes it takes me about 15 minutes to actually get away! I blame tiredness
Josh: I’d say it must be me. I carry so much stuff with me in my backpack all the time that 9/10 I think I’ve lost something it just ends up being in there anyway.
Chris: Josh gets my vote on this one.


3. Uncomfortable

Can you list all of False Advertising’s phobia’s? Bonus question, if one was based on something that happened, what happened?
Jen: The only animal I’m actually scared of are maggots. Please anyone reading this do not bring them to our shows I won’t be able to play.
Josh: Personally I don’t have any phobias. I suppose Spiders creep be out a little bit  But I’ve read that’s normal as it’s in our genetics to naturally react that way to things that were historically a natural threat.
Chris: No irrational fears from me, my worries are always time related which I need to keep in check otherwise my neurosis manifests itself as impatience and rudeness, Usually directed at Josh when he has forgotten his Keys’, phone, Wallet, Jacket, Bag, guitar, headphones, Charger, laptop …..

04. We’ve Heard This All Before

Do you or any of the band ever get déjà vu? Can you tell us about the last time?
Josh: 2 or 3 times a year I’d say. Strangely, I got it last week when we were rehearsing. There was about a 4 second clip where I was stood in the room with Jen and Chris. Everything I just looked at, the song we had just played, and what we were talking about felt like it had already happened at some time, for some reason it felt like it happened in the past, about 5 years ago. But just before that 4 second clip – it’s was like I knew exactly what was going to be said and how it was going to play out just before it did – like it was a weird glimpse of the future 4 seconds forward in time, then immediately after that had happened it felt like it was a memory and a repeat of something that happened 5 or so years ago ! Glitch in the matrix man.
Jen: I had really bad deja vu when we were shooting the Wasted Days video, although we did have to shoot it twice. Either that or it was a glitch in the matrix.
Chris: I like the Matrix

05. Reading It Wrong

Can you tell us a time when you read the situation wrong? And how you saved it?
Jen: Josh was talking about the Psychopath Test the other day and I thought he was talking about a ‘Cycle Path Test’. I didn’t try and save it I just ran with it.
Chris: Apparently I told the Arch Cannon of Bradford Cathedral to shove it when I was playing bass for a wedding band there. I can’t remember what I said, it seemed perfectly reasonable in my head but the band just looked at me open mouthed. All I know was I was trying to be cooperative, but whatever I said in the context of his question was very inappropriate. I never saved the situation and never forgot it.

06. You Weren’t In My Dream

If we weren’t in your dream (thanks, we never asked to be), please tell us about the last dream you had that you can remember?

Jen: The other night I dreamt that I had slept for so long that I had missed all the days in the run up to our album release and basically ruined everything. In reality I had probably gotten about an hour’s sleep and we still had like three days to go!

Josh: Last night! I was with a group of 10 / 15 friends just hanging outside, all of a sudden I remembered we were queuing to get on a new rollercoaster.  I was at the front of the queue and was asked if I wanted one of the front two seats, for some reason I said no. Then I was flying and gliding and screaming on this rollercoaster, but the track was one of those squiggling abacus wooden bead track things that you play with when you’re a kid, but we all nearly died because  the track was too close to a wall. All of a sudden the coaster was over and everyone was gathered back at the start, but crowding round looking really impressed, cheering a woman that was with us. I made my way to the front to see what everyone was looking at and it was a tattoo on her shoulder that she just got, but it was one of those water transfer tattoo things and it was rubbing off loads.  For some reason it was really impressive for us all. Yeahhh, dreams are weird.

Chris: Riiiiiiiight. I get the infinite sound check nightmare, then there is no time to play and we have to leave the stage, happens fairly often.

07. You Won’t Feel Love

What is something in life that you feel most people are a fan of but you’re not?

Jen: Either Nirvana (the band) or Stranger Things.

Chris: Jen , your clearly wrong on both counts, how can you not like Stranger Things or Nirvana? I don’t get why The Wire is so popular (drops mic and runs away).

Josh: Christmas time. Yeah it’s nice for a few days – but it seems to be dragged out and goes on forever, everyone gets stressed out about it, the adverts and capitalism and the forced “perfect Christmas” idea is just flogged to death and it beats most of the enjoyment out of it for me.  A couple of days would be mega. But is goes on for like two months. I’m not religious in any way. But I think it’s stretched quite far away from what it’s initial Intention is, which is a shame. That, and baked beans.

08. Personal Gain

If you could gain one item right now of any value, but it would only be a one time offer what would that  be and why?

Jen: I would buy Amazon (the company) and do everything I could to destroy it in whatever limited time I had.

Josh: Is a house an item? If so I’ll get my money’s worth and ask for a big old house I could set a studio up in. If I’m pushing my luck, then just a new pair of trainers, my current ones have holes in and let water in sadly. 

Chris: Blimey Josh, can you hear tiny violins? Well if Jen is having a company, I’m having A Solar energy farm. Preferably in a desert, not Manchester, that would be rubbish. I think clean energy is the best investment for the future anyone can make. I would say cold fusion reactor, but that’s not a thing yet.

09. At The Top

Right now, except for your band and your album Brainfreeze, what else are you at the top of your game with? Tell us your super skill?

Jen: Not to boast about it but I’m definitely a more successful graphic designer than I am a musician, haha. I thought my skill in each could at least be comparable but then tried to calculate the number of hours I’ve spent doing each over the course of my life and Graphic Design wins by a mile, so I must be better at it! I spend lots of time doing digital design for other, more successful bands so I get to live vicariously through that at least.

Josh: I‘v been exercising more than ever recently- but I wouldn’t say it’s a super skill by a long stretch.  I think my super skill is accidentally finding the perfect wrong thing to say to my friends and end up making them hate me a little bit.

Chris: Definitely not Snowboarding, Hence the bionic wrist. Maybe driving concisely and safely in a business like manner, I do all the driving! Also, Kid fads like Power Kite, Yo-Yo and Goldeneye, I handed these two fools their asses on many an occasion, though I can’t catch them at Mario kart.

10. Wasted Days

What time of day do you think it’s acceptable to get out of bed on your day off? And how do you start your morning?

Jen: If you have a day off you can get up whenever you want, it’s your choice, there should be no judgement. Sometimes I stay in bed all day.

Josh: On a day off? I’ve not had a day where there been nothing that needs to be done / have plans. But if that day came I’d say the perfect day off would be to just get out of bed when my body naturally woke up. Then go for a swim. Gotta say, this has not happened for a very long time.

Chris: Do you hear those violins? Am I going nuts? The first thing you do, no questions, is make Coffee, can’t believe Jen did not mention this, She is the biggest Coffee nerd of all three of us, In fact it’s basically all her fault I’m hooked, bloody enabler.

11. So Long

We don’t usually give our bands any say of their choice in Show Me The Punny but in the spirit of your final song we’re going to allow you to finish the interview by telling us anything you want us to know about False Advertising, Brainfreeze or anything else?

Chris: You should know that approximately 10 million man hours went into it and if you could all buy 10 copies each it would really help

Jen: That we feel very lucky to have been able to record and release it in the way that we have done.

Josh: if you’re reading this come to our shows and say hi – we’d love to say hello and hang out for a bit

Questions: James Wadsworth @jamespart31