SHOW ME THE PUNNY #7: MNNQNS answer questions with us based on puns of their song titles.

Last month MNNQNS (pronounced mannequins) released their debut album which thankfully was as wide as diverse as their heritage. Band lead Adrian D ‘Epinay grew up in France but spent his university years studying in Wales. In psychology they talk about formative years for a person being between 0-4 years; we’re no psychologist, but I would stamp most people’s independent (aside from what they grew up with their family playing) music formative years starting in your teens when you’re buying your first records and then really flourishes when uni hits. We love MNNQNS album Body Negative which sounds exactly like that- the best of British indie with all the quaint background flavour of France. Show Me The Punny is our interview to really drag out the quirky in a band, what better artist to do it than French/Welsh mash-up human Adrian D’ Epinay of MNNQNS.

1. Body Negative

What is your favourite part of your body and your least favourite part of your body?

I like hands. They can do all sorts of things. I hate feet. They’re grotesque and only serve one purpose. They should be forbidden.

2. NotWhatYouThoughtYouKnew

You lived for a period of time in Wales having grown up in France, what was something you had heard or thought you knew about Wales which was completely wrong? And how would you describe Wales now to anyone who had never visited.

To be honest I had no preconceived idea of Wales before moving there. What I found was a vibrant place with many great venues and artists. Also I loved the Brecon Beacons mountains…

3. She’s Waiting For The Day

Are you a patient or impatient person? And can you give a tip on how to wait patiently for something?

I’m totally impatient. I guess the thing to do is to convince yourself that something is going to happen. Once you’re convinced the wait becomes something normal.

4. Double Visions

If you had to wear glasses for the rest of your life would you choose cheap pairs that you replaced every year or designer pairs, but you only replaced them once every three years? And why?

I’d probably choose glass eyes.

5. Different Sides of Truth

How do you feel about conspiracy theories? Can you name a conspiracy theory that you think might be true? Feel free to give a Google search and give us a web link if you wish.

I absolutely love conspiracy theories. My favorite one is the moon landing conspiracy as so many things have been said on the matter, it’s a whole series! But the funniest of all remains the Flat Earth one…

6. Limits of Town

Cities often have a very different feeling to towns, what do you find to be some of the very obvious differences?

Big cities are suffocating, obviously. Getting some time off in a small town when coming back from tour is very important to me.

7. Urinals

Unisex toilets are becoming more common in establishments in the UK, is this something you ever see in France?

Not really. France is very conservative on these matters.

8. Desperation Moon

Some people believe the position of the moon affects the way we feel and act; what’s your thoughts on this?

I’m a total believer in this. If the moon can affect the tides then it must work with the human body as well. On many full moon nights I can’t even sleep.

9. Drinking From The Pond

If you had a pond in your garden that had a fountain of any drink you liked what would it be?

Red wine. And another one of Club Mate for the next morning.

10. Fall Down

Can you give your advice as to what to do if you fall over embarrassingly in public? Act awkward, laugh it off, etc? Do you dare to share an embarrassing public story with us?

I’d probably laugh a bit too much. Yesterday on stage I realized halfway through the show that my fly was open. Hope that’s embarrassing enough 🙂

11. Stagnant Pools

If you were out on a days’ summer hike and realised early on you lost your water bottle would you use a LifeStraw (water filter that allows you to drink from puddles) or would you just put up with a difficult day with no water?

I wouldn’t drink anything. Dehydration is great.

12. Wire (Down to the)

When you have a deadline how do you deal with it? Are you a procrastinator or do you work through things methodically and to a schedule?

I guess I’m a procrastinator that tries to work to a schedule. I like doing many things in very little time. But most of the time I end up with these to-do lists from three months ago and almost nothing has been crossed off…

Questions: James Wadsworth @jamespart31