Ahead of releases these days it’s standard protocol for PR companies to link with zines and offer out the album for review and sometimes the band will be taking interviews via email. The next stage is that the PR will then pass on to the band a vast selection of similar questions from all manner of journalists leading to the band going mad over one afternoon replying to them all as they cry of boredom into their coffee. We at Underscore Part 3 take a different approach with Show Me The Punny which is our feature based on puns of the bands album track names. Usually this comes back with a wide scope of weird and wonderful answers but in this case, grab yourself a cup of tea and hear how Declan Welsh got deep and meaningful with us.

1. No Fun

No Fun is also the name of a legendary Iggy and The Stooges track, how familiar are you with Iggy Pop’s work and what is your favourite track or album?

I do love Iggy and the Stooges. The guitar tone on that tune is unreal. I actually remember when we were doing our Maida Vale session, the engineer was like “you sound like Iggy Pop here” while talking about No Fun! It wasn’t a conscious decision, but maybe a wee bit of cosmic serendipity there. My favourite track of theirs has always been Search and Destroy. That opening guitar riff man. Unbelievable. Lust for Life, Raw Power, I Wanna Be Your Dog, Passenger. I know none of them are deep cuts but all of them are cutting about my playlists.

2. Absurd

Can you give us an unusual or silly fact about yourself?

When I was 6 I, for absolutely no reason, told everyone in my class that I’d met Neil Armstrong on Holiday.

3. How Does Your Love

What does love mean to you?

It’s the reason for existing. Love, either in the romantic, familial or friendship sense, is the only thing that makes life worth living. It’s the beautiful, healing, hopeful thing and without it there would be no point in doing anything. Everyone deserves to love and be loved.

 4. Turn Me On

What is a technique/feature/style that is a guaranteed way to win you over (or turn you on) when you hear a new song?

Articulate, intelligent lyrics written from a very specific point of view. Bonus points is the person comes at it from an angle I’d never have expected.

5. New Me and You

When was the last time you set a new year’s resolution, and what was it? If you’ve never set on and you had to set one right now what would it be?

I quit smoking this year. It went really well then we went on tour, and it kinda slipped back in. If I had to set one now? I’d probably try and commit to doing more with my free time that makes a positive impact on the world.

6. Be Mine

What’s your killer technique for wooing a lady?

I think the differences between what it takes to woo a guy, a girl or someone who doesn’t identify as either are greatly exaggerated. We all want someone nice, but someone sexy and confident. The problem isn’t that “women don’t like nice guys” it’s that women don’t like guys who think that being nervous is the same as being nice. So before you even go near anyone else, figure out who you are, what your thing is, why you’re cool, why you’re a good human being. If you aren’t, work at that first. Most of all just be respectful, be genuinely interested and don’t build it up too much. When two people fancy each other they will talk about literally anything. I remember messaging my girlfriend at the start of our relationship just going into such boring detail about my day so I’d have an excuse to talk to her. And it worked because we both fancied each other. Also – learn from your mistakes. Especially if you’re a guy, chances are in your life you’ve made someone you fancied or liked feel uncomfortable or shite, even if its by accident. Instead of that being something that hurts your pride, analyse that and grow from it. Become a better person and own the fact that, unless you’re a saint, you’ve probably been unkind, insensitive, selfish and not thought about other people and how they feel. Try to think more about other people and how they feel.

7. Do What You Want

If you could do anything in the world today and it didn’t matter if it’s illegal or how much it costed what would you do with your day?

I would go to South America with my Girlfriend. Probably to see Peru, go to Macchu Picchu.

8. Different Strokes

Different Strokes was a popular American sitcom, what is your favourite comedy?

It’s definitely The Simpsons, but its a very strict limit on the series. It’s 1-9 (and 9 is at an absolute push) then everything after that can absolutely fuck off. Its so rank now. I also love It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, Peep Show, Alan Partridge, The Day Today, Brass eye, Smack the Pony, Nathan For You, but its always the Simpsons for me. Its so funny and has so much heart.

9. People Let You Down

If you’re feeling let down by the world who do you go to for support and what’s the best way to cheer you up?

My mum, my girlfriend and my Dad, probably in that order. My mum has always been there for me. Grew up just me and her in the house (though me and my dad were always v close) so she’s like my hero. Anytime I’m worried about anything, she knows the right thing to say, and is just someone who has always turned up for me. She’s honestly the best.

10. Never Go Home

If you could never go home and you had to move to a different part of the world where would you move and why?

I do love Glasgow, so that would be hard. But as long as I could take my family, Jen and some pals, I’d be happy anywhere that was busy. My idea of hell is living in the middle of nowhere. Maybe Valencia? Barcelona? I loved Vienna as well. Berlin was cool. I’d love to see Tokyo. Oh and I’d absolutely love to go back to Palestine. It’d surprise people when I say that Palestine, and particularly Ramallah and Bethlehem, are places it would not be difficult to live in for a while.

11. The Dream

When was your last dream and what was it about?

I don’t really remember my dreams, but I woke up this morning with a vague knowledge that I’d been singing the Sheena Easton song 9 to 5 (Morning Train). You know the one? MY BABY TAKES THE MORNING TRAIN, HE WORKS FROM NINE TO FIVE AGAIN… Aye. So I must have been dreaming about singing that tune. It is a screamer right enough.

12. Times

The Times is one of our most well known British newspapers, do you read any newspapers and if so which ones? And similarly, do you read and music mags/websites and which ones?

Ehhhh. I mean I keep up to date with things through like the Guardian and BBC but those websites are intensely frustrating. I more follow Journalists on twitter. So I like Grace Blakely. Ash Sarkar too is class. I watch a lot of leftist Youtubers an all, like Kat Blaque, Contrapoints, Philosophy Tube, Hbomberguy, NonCompete and that. In terms of music, I obviously am a huge fan of Underscore Part 3! As well as liking Anthony Fantano (the needle drop). But as musicians will all tell you, we tend to be BIG fans of any blog, magazine or websites that we are in ourselves.

Questions: James Wadsworth @jamespart31


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