LETS GET PUNNY: The Modern Times Answer Questions With Us Based On Puns of Their Song Titles.

Let’s Get Punny is our feature specifically saved for those acts who take things that one step beyond, those acts that wouldn’t just wanna chat ‘hi, how are you?’ The Modern Times have recently dropped their stellar album Algorhymthic Dance Music so in this case we asked them to answer questions based on puns of the album song titles, and here’s what they had to say…

1. Scared
Do any of the members of The Modern Times have any phobias and what are they?

Not really, no.

2. Am I Losing Touch
Can you name a time when you realised you were getting older and you weren’t as ‘down with the kids’ anymore?

Isak and Jon worked at a school for 5 years and at the bar we hang out at, and for them it was when all of a sudden you we´re serving beer to your former students, and realizing you´re too told to hang out at this place.

3. It Sure Is Fun To Party
Can you tell us the most memorable partying story you have?

There´s a lot of funny stories from 7 years as a band, but one in particular has to be the time we played in Russia. We got one tips: Do not go to afterparties with Russians who doesn´t speak English.
So Jon and Magnus invited four Russians to their hotel room, fell a sleep, and they robbed Jon. They took his computer, ipad, clothes – and even his deodorant.

4. Stuck At Work
For all your fans reading this that have dull jobs they hate, can you give us your best tip for passing the time at work?

Start a band. You always feel like “yeah next year we will break through and I don’t have to work”.
You can sneek away to make some guitar riffs, perhaps write some lyrics.
And card games.

5. Everything Is Going To Be Fine
When was the last time someone you knew was freaking out and how did you calm them down?

Probably when Trump won the election. We said “Relax, we live in Norway”.

6. Algorhymthic Dance Music
Scientists have started creating music using AI, do you think we’ll ever get to a point where AI is a significant part of music culture and how do you feel about it?

The word Algorhythmic is a mixed word between Algorithm and Rhythm. It´s a line from the lyrics at “Stuck At Work” where we sing “Algorhythmic Dance Music – tell me what to listen to!”.

It refers to the digital music world now with discover weekly, release radar, ads, “since you like the strokes you will like this” etc. etc. In some way, it´s easier for smaller bands like ourselves to reach out to potential listeners, but then again it´s so damn much music online, since it´s much easier to publish music today. It´s already a significant part of music culture, and it has it´s ups and downs.

7. Conflict Avoidance
What is your go to strategy to avoid conflict?

Usually just have a fake phone call or a meeting to go to. Or just don´t reply.

8. Dementia
If you had dementia and only had the skill to remember how to do one thing, what would it be and why?

I´m sorry, we forgot your question.

9. Ads
Ads on the internet are generally themed relating to previous searches, what is currently being suggested in your internet ads? And can you name any ads that have come up that seemed so strange and unrelated?

Facebook is just filled with stupid videos of couples pranking each other or “funny” guys doing awkward stuff in the streets, and It´s very annoying. Jon is actually in an Ad commercial right now, he got tricked and joined a Foodora video, it´s running all over town.

10. The World Needs More Parties
If you could have had any party when you were a child and it was themed in any manner, can you talk us through the requests you would have had?

Harry Potter themed party!

Questions: James Wadsworth @jamespart31

Watch the video for The Modern Times’ “Am I Losing Touch?” here: