So… who the fuck are Cat Scan? Quite frankly we don’t really know, they don’t have Facebook or Twitter and their press release is pretty damn minimal. However we did manage to track the whole band down and had an email chat with them in the equally off the wall manner as this post-punk band. Here’s Let’s Get Punny, where we make up stupid questions that relate to their song titles of their current release In Nature. Basically the answers are weird, the music is weirder, but that’s why we love them. Take it away Cat Scan!

1.       Fax

Our health service still uses fax machines; is this mad, discuss?

David: It makes me mad. All that time and money spent on med school just to receive a fax. They should be mad. I am mad at anyone who is not mad at this.

2.       Access

If you could have access all areas to any gig in the world who would it be and why?

Ian: Probably a house show.

3.       Upstairs Downstairs

Bungalow or house, which is better and why?

Ian: House. Ever heard of a bungalow show? Me neither.

4.       Dirty Movie

When you were a child what was the first movie that made you ‘OMG!’; it can be a dirty movie, scary movie or something else?

David: As a child I watched the 1990 Ron Underwood classic, Tremors. At first, I saw all those worms wiggling around in the dirt and thought, “This movie sure is dirty.” But as the movie progressed the worms started trying to eat Kevin Bacon. This is when I said, “OMG, this movie is also scary.” By the end I was perplexed. ”This movie really is something else.” I exclaimed.

5.       It Follows

Who is the coolest person that follows Cat Scan on Social Media? Or who would you be stoked if they followed you?

Ian: Literally every single one of our Social Media followers is the best Social Media follower. They are all, literally, the best, and the coolest Social Media follower. Best follower of all time. Follower of all time. Follower of All Time. Say that a bunch and it sounds cool. Should probably post that to Social Media.

6.       Swimming with the Lark

Which of Cat Scan is the best swimmer?

Jeff: David is a cool surfer and Quincy and I were on the swim team in high school, so probably Ian. Saw him in a lake once. Looked confident.

7.       Commodities

What commodity of yours has the highest commodity value? And what commodity of yours has the highest sentimental value to you?

Quincy: My collection of sea shells and unused yarn

My love for my friends ❤❤❤

8.       Lysol

We’re led to believe that Lysol is a US cleaning product; can you give your fans/our readers your best cleaning tip?

Jeff: Just bring it all into the bath with you. Dishes, laundry, furniture, whatever’s dirty. 1:1 ratio lemon-scented liquid soap to hot water. Soak overnight.

9.       N.R.A.

Please give us a fun peace loving made up acronym for N.R.A?


Naked mole


Are cute

Like the cartoon one from Kim Possible.

10.   Respond

Who was the last person you messaged and what did you message them about?

Jeff: Ian, asking to play tennis. He replied, “No.”

11.   Self Adhesive

In the UK art class in junior school basically features a lot of covering yourself in a skin of PVA glue, letting it dry and peeling it off. School is UK is basically a silly warzone, can you tell us a stupid thing that sums up school in America?

Ian: School shouldn’t be illegal. I don’t know why they keep trying to make it illegal.

12.   Undercase

We have a fascination with the current trend of bands capitalising their full name eg. IDLES; give us your thoughts as to why this might be happening?

David: This is happening because it is a trend. People sure do love trends. They see a trend and say, “Hey, that there is a trend! I want to trend!” And therefore, they trend. It is essential to human life. What if we didn’t have trends? Pumpkin spice season wouldn’t exist and we would all be sad.

Questions: James Wadsworth @jamespart31

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