Anyone who has met Pizzagirl will know that he’s the most charismatic guy in the industry, I know Dave Grohl seems cool… but have you have had a beer with Liam (Pizzagirl). We can guarantee that Liam is cooler. The fact he did The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air at karaoke last time we hung out we decided we were never going to do a normal interview with him. Check out his take on puns of his track names his forthcoming album, First Timer. Next step presave the album due out on October 11th. We’ve heard it, it’s ace!

NB: Heavily edited, Pizzagirl clearly doesn’t do punctuation, but we promise he did genuinely email us his chosen animal!

1- ball’s gonna keep on rollin’

What’s your favourite sport? We wanna know what position you play, how good are you and all the gossip of Pizzagirl as a sportsman?

Although I may come across as physically in peak condition at all times, I’m very unfit and play little to no sports lol. If I were lucky enough though, I would have loved to be a tennis player in another life, the fashion blended with a game of the minds is arousing!

2 – daytrip

Your record label contacts you today and says you can go on a daytrip anywhere and take one person, tell us about this fantasy day trip and who you take it with you?

I would love to go to Tokyo, I think I’ve watched lost in translation about a billion times so I have this yearn to walk round there in a tuxedo, it think it would be fitting to be accompanied by Mr Billiam Murray too, or for a romantic twist, Scar Jo.

3 – body biology

Can you give us an interesting fact about human biology?

I heard online that the human heart is responsible for pumping blood around the body? Pretty crazy stuff!! The more you know x

4 – dennis

Dennis makes us think of The Beano character Dennis the Menace; who is your favourite cartoon character and why?

I really like Betty Boop, I think she’s quite smokey and aloof and I think if I was a cartoon I’d want to hang out with her, she won’t reply to my emails right now however!

5 – yesterday

How much of the lyrics of the legendary Beatles track ‘Yesterday’ could recite if you had to do it as karaoke right now? Is there any Beatles track you could sing the whole of?

Being from liverpool it’s almost birth right to have the entire Beatles catalogue uploaded to your brain, I think I have some pretty good chops when it comes to Beatles music and iI could slap out the old yesterday pretty well I’d like to think.

6 – library

How often do you like to read and what kinds of things do you like to read?

I’m trying to get more into reading actually, my attention span is super low but I’ve been reading Steve Jobs’ biography and it’s a crazy ride, he was a really bratty guy who cried a lot which I thought was comforting.

7 – thispartysux

Ok, no more rubbish parties; can you give us your top tips for an awesome party?

I think a party works it’s best when there is a constant supply of great pop party hits with no awkward silences in between, great camp, unashamed pop songs and enough sweet treats and beers and you’ve got yourself a killer night!

8 – ugly

This feels a little mean but what’s the ugliest animal/marine creature? Feel free to provide a picture.

I don’t like to shame any animals based on looks because we all look pretty weird, but I googled it and found this guy.

9 – cut + paste

If you could cut one situation/event/trait from another famous person and paste it into your life, what would it be and from who’s life?

I think I would like to cut out David Byrnes voice and paste it onto mine. His voice is so interesting to me and I could listen to him sing the dictionary! Maybe also the body of Stone Cold Steve Austin too that would be sick!!

10 goodnight (ft. Aseul)

What is your normal bedtime routine?

My nighttime is pretty varied, I either try to get bed early and end up in a dark YouTube hole that lasts for hours, or I stay up late and have unlimited amounts of energy and start redecorating my room or something, I brush my teeth and put my retainer in though, that never changes xx

Questions: James Wadsworth @jamespart31

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