Sometimes the stars align in life which for a music fan is when you find that new band who no one knows of yet and you feel in on the next big industry secret. Larkins kindly invited us to their recent tour of which we stumbled into the venue to hear an unknown first on act which turned out to be our new faves Abandon Ship! After the show we chatted with the lads and learned some exciting news about them- more on that below. Check out the south coasts newest industry hopeful, the band that sound like a pop-punk band trying to write The 1975 tracks which basically is the musical equivalent peanut butter and jelly- 2 things that shouldn’t mix but are oh so delightful!

Hi guys, how are you? We chat to you after you’ve just supported new heavy hitters Larkins and ahead of your mini tour with TUYS; how’s everyone feeling in Abandon Ship right now?

We’re feeling good! That show with Larkins was a special one for us, with everything we have planned it got us all hyped to get our new tunes out and play more similar shows.

We’re aware that TUYS are from Luxemborg whilst you’re in the early stages of building a reputation on the South Coast, how did linking with TUYS happen? Will we see you heading to Luxemborg in 2020?

We knew of TUYS through a promoter friend of ours who went over to Berlin and saw them. We’d heard they were keen to come to the UK so when we put together this little run of shows they seemed like a good fit. Those lads are tearing it up over there at the moment so we’re super stoked to have them join us on a short leg of shows we have this Autumn. Our focus right now is to build a reputation here like you say first, but who knows, perhaps next year we can set our sights outside of the UK!

 So far we’ve had single NYE and Call It Quits drop and more recently Table For One. Artistically NYE and Call It Quits have similar branding, are they intended as a linked piece and Table For One is a separate entity; can you tell us about your releases so far?

NYE and Call it Quits were two of the first tunes we wrote together as a band. It made sense for us to release them as one entity whereas Table for One came a lot later whilst we were still finding our sound. We’re still on that path now.

We’re still getting to know you guys, are we right in believing that you’ve been on and off for a few years? Has there been line up changes? 3 singles in where are Abandon Ship now?

“We feel our [forthcoming EP is our] strongest stuff yet by far and can’t wait for people to hear it.”

We’ve been a band now for nearly 2 years but this last year is where we’ve started to push it harder. We all have day jobs which take up a lot of our time, but now we’re starting to build some traction and have a decent few songs under our belt we’re looking to ramp up our activity. It’s been the same line-up in Abandon Ship! since day one. Right now, like all bands, we’re steadily still finding our feet and our sound.

 We have recently finished working on our debut EP and we made the decision to self-produce it, so a lot of this year has been spent working on that process as we had to start from square one in terms or recording, learning how to use logic etc. We worked hard on it and we’re really happy with how it’s turned out. We feel it’s our strongest stuff yet by far and can’t wait for people to hear it.

 Clearly there’s elements of pop, indie and pop punk in your sound for someone who’s never heard you before can you give us a guide to your sound and your influences?

“To sum us up right now, I’d say 90’s style nostalgic indie rock with anthemic group vocals and catchy hooks.”

Absolutely! We all come from similar worlds, but in the detail, different musical backgrounds. Most recently, artists like Foals, 1975 and The Japanese House are bands we look up to. We’re digging the blend of indie guitars with electronic synths and samples. Mid 2000’s emo is our mutual connection. Off the top of my head artists like American Football, Minus The Bear, Death Cab, Elliot Smith, Bright Eyes etc come to mind.We take a lot of inspiration from Canadian band punk Pup who we’ve followed throughout their rise to where they are today (a couple of us saw them play to 5 people at the joiners in 2014 and they were amazing). We also love the ska/reggae influence from bands like Sticky Fingers and Ocean Alley. Our sound evolves with every new song we write, but to sum us up right now, I’d say 90’s style nostalgic indie rock with anthemic group vocals and catchy hooks.

 Now looking forward what’s next for Abandon Ship?

“We have a fresh EP that we’re excited to get out…From that we have a couple of singles that we’re currently working on music videos for.”

We have a fresh EP that we’re excited to get out. This has been recorded over the year and really starts to establish our sound. From that we have a couple of singles that we’re currently working on music videos for. We’ll be heading back to the studio before the year is out to track a couple of new tunes and really hope to be hitting the festival season hard in 2020.

Questions: James Wadsworth @jamespart31

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