LETS GET PUNNY: FEET Answer Questions With Us Based On Puns of Their Song Titles.

Next Friday FEET release one of the weirdest titled album’s of the year What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham. After catching lots of attention with 4 singles ahead of the release culminating with recent single Petty Theiving we decided to get weird with FEET’s drummer Ben Firth. ‘Lets Get Punny’ is our game where we get to know bands through puns of their song title. 

  1. Good Richards Crashed Landing.

If you and rock n’ roll legend Little Richard crash landed on a planet together what planet would you hope to crash land on, why and what would you do first?

Landing on any planet and discovering life would be relatively underwhelming when little Richard already looks stranger than any imaginable alien in his old age.

  1. Ad Blue

If you were with Beastie Boys singer/guitarist Ad Rock and he told you he was feeling blue, how would you cheer him up?

We’d smoke some cheeba and take his ass to white Castle. The mans a hero and the Beastie Boys are probably the sickest band ever, and he’s married to a punk icon. If he’s blue about that then I’ll give him a smack.

  1. English Weather

What do you do if there’s a white Christmas; get out and play, moan or something else?

No snow, no show. Harry would moan.

  1. Petty Thieving

 If you’ve stolen something before, what was it and how do you feel about it now? If you haven’t what would you steal if you knew there would be no consequences?

The members of the band ‘FEET’ have no recollection of ever defacing Theft Act 1968 and do not condone this behaviour.

  1. Outer Rim.

Tell us about a time that you were living on the edge?

For a while we lived in Portsmouth, more of a geographic edge than the question was alluding to. However we managed to put our neighbours on somewhat of an edge, with it being a retirement village and Harry being, himself. Top tip, Radiohead’s In Rainbows played at full blast out of a 04 polo is not a positive step when it comes to diplomacy.

  1. Dog Walking

Can you give us a run down of a few of the pets you’ve had in your life and what their best attributes were?

I’ve had two cats for 16 years, Luke and Leia, who are becoming increasingly senile with their old age. They don’t particularly have character defining attributes but they have started screeching at inanimate objects and shitting everywhere.

  1. Chalet 47

We picture Chalet 47 as a ski chalet; if you could have a celebrity neighbour at Chalet 48 to share your holiday with, who would it be and why?


Ozzy Osbourne, without a shadow of a doubt. The man has an illegitimate remedy for everything, plus a wee collab would go far.

  1. Axe Man

If someone was coming at you right now with an axe, please describe how would you disable them/defend yourself? You are allowed to use anything that is within your sight right now.

I’m currently reading this on the toilet. If someone came at me now with an axe I’d probably just have to open the door.

  1. What’s Inside Is More Than Just Ham.

Describe your ideal sandwich?

Right then, from bottom to top I’m talking fresh brown bread, none of this Warburton’s bollocks. Cheese, red onion and salad, not fussy here. Allow dead cheese though. Cholula hot sauce nicked from spoons, pepper, butter and back to bread – job’s a goujon.

  1. Wiggy Pop

What is your pop music guilty pleasure? 

U2 – songs of innocence.

Questions: James Wadsworth @jamespart31