IN FOR QUESTIONING: Vinyl Staircase Take The Smooth Approach With New Single ‘Sidewalk’, Upcoming EP and Tour!

Having chatted with the Vinyl Staircase guys at the start of the 2019 it seems they’ve had a busy year having dropped a new single, started planning a tour and have another single and EP on the way! With a slick approach to their infection on our ears we were grateful to have a banterful email exchange with all the band huddled round a computer. 

Hi guys, it’s been a while since we’ve chatted with you; how’s things been for the band?

Luke (drums): I finished ‘How to be Right’ by James O’Brien, now moved onto ‘Dictator’ by Robert Harris. Trying to eat more satsumas and rasperberries, been good to catch up with a lot of friends over the summer.

Mike (lead vocals, guitar): Done a bit of fishing with the old quiver tip rod and vintage Allcocks Aerial Centrepin on the river mole in Surrey, caught several sizeable Chub and a couple of small Barble as well. Bit of metal detecting here and there. Also been watching a lot of The Thick of Itstarring Peter Capaldi. Armando Lannucci is a genius.

George (bass): Spent a solid 6 months at the pub, pulled a solid 0 days off, tour of the pubs. I put Pukki in my team a week before he blew up, highlight of the month, I was in the 1%. Played the wildcard too early though.

Jake (guitar): Been tinkering on the Ivory a lot more recently, trying to keep up on the Duolingo. Vivre la belle vie.

Last time we spoke you were on tour and had just released On The Radio, give us a whistle stop tour of what Vinyl Staircase have been up to since then?

We’ve released a single and video called ‘Sidewalk!’ which featured a lot of buddies. Also been working on a colossal collection to be fed into the audience over the next few months.

You recently dropped new single Sidewalk but have told us before that you have lots recorded as you do all your own recording yourself; how did you come to choose Sidewalk as the single? 

Yin and Yang between releases, we wanted to put out something a bit heavier to compliment the sunshine of On the Radio.
The recording was originally intended as a Demo, but we were really happy with the live performance on the take, so we added some bells and whistles and released it.

What’s left to be released and when will we get to hear it?

There’ll be an EP in the New Year, with a single that Luke is currently mixing to come out in November. Come see us live to hear it all now.

Does your DIY ethos extend to your Sidewalk music video? Can you talk us through the concept? 

It was the very first music video we’ve done where we got someone else to film it, but we directed and edited it ourselves.
The concept is that George is as popular as he wishes he was.

How did bass player and vocalist George end up with the starring role?

Mike can’t catwalk like George can, baby.

Sidewalk feels like a new thread for Vinyl Staircase channelling more of a swagger indie vibe almost using Alex Turner as an inspiration, can you talk to us about the single styling and the direction we’ll be hearing Vinyl Staircase travel in next?

When the seagulls *sips water* follow the trawler, it is because they believe sardines will be thrown into the sea.

The year started with a tour will you be bookending it with another tour? Give us all the gossip on the next movements for Vinyl Staircase?

We’re supporting FUR at Scala this month, and we’ll then be going on a tour of which the juicy details are yet to be revealed. Pure Valerian Steel. Do you have 2020 vision? I do, cause I can see a new Vinyl Staircase EP coming in 2020. I also have late 2019 vision, and I can see a new Vinyl Staircase single coming in late 2019.

Questions: James Wadsworth @jamespart31