Relatively unknown rockers Glass Peaks are set to shatter expectations and climb to the snowy peaks of success with new single ‘Asbestos’.

Recently signed to Sheffield label These Bloody Thieves, Asbestos marks the third release this year by the three piece and reflects a band who are going from strength to stunning strength. No two tracks sound alike, and each one is incredible in its own right; having said that, though, Asbestos is something else.

“A single strand of cohesive brilliance.”

It’s slow, almost pondering in both its meaning and its delivery; the vocals echo and harmonise, entwining themselves into a single strand of cohesive brilliance. With the elongated chords, the delicate drums and the casual, almost playful bursts of distortion and sound effects, the song steadily grows throughout; bouncing off of itself and building to a captivating climax that is almost physically painful to tear yourself away from.

“It’s essentially a song about strained and frayed relationships from the perspective of somebody who has tried everything they possibly can to turn it around or see the upsides in the moments where the dying embers are flickering”, explains vocalist Alfie Jefferies; “It’s about the harsh realities or ‘fragile truths’ of being so deeply invested in someone but losing the fire or spark that brought you together.”

“It’s nigh impossible not to get lost in.”

Luckily though, despite being a song about things in a relationship not being as perfect as they might seem, or that you might pretend, Asbestos is anything but imperfect. If the aim is to reflect a relationship that has lost its spark, Glass Peaks have failed miserably. The song is electric; and it takes a few listens to register the lyrics. That’s not to say they’re hard to understand or discern; rather, it’s nigh impossible not to get lost in — you will find yourself simply revelling in the whole experience of the track, fading away into its crazed, insane, incredible void.

As Alfie croons in the chorus, ‘I’m in love with it’.


Released 16th of August.

Words: James O’Sullivan

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