Irish singer-songwriter Somebody’s Child, known by friends as ‘Cian’ and by us here at Underscore Part 3 as a ‘phenomenal talent’.
After his electric, energetic and insanely good performance on Saturday at O’Meara, in honour of Radio X’s John Kennedy, we just had to find out more! When we did find out more we quickly learned Somebody’s Child were playing Reading and Leeds Festival this weekend! After a quick exchange we managed to have a chat with the brainchild behind the band.
Hi, how are you? What is Somebody’s Child? And how did it come about?
I’m good, thank you. Excited for the weekend. Somebody’s Child started off as a songwriting project in college. It was initially meant to be an attempt to write for other people, so I put a portfolio of songs together to send to publishers and singers. It quickly became apparent that you need a profile to gain people’s respect, so I knew I had to play live.
The music demanded a band for live so thankfully I got a band together pretty fast and then people started saying we weren’t half-bad. During this process I started to gain confidence again in what I was playing and writing and the songs got better. So with a couple of releases we gathered a bit of momentum and here we are!
What inspired you to become a singer-songwriter? 
I had been playing piano from a very young age. I was somewhat forced by my parents into doing grades which I never liked. I have nothing against classical music now but it’s not something the average 8 year old is overly impressed with. So at 15 or so I learnt how easy it was to put some chords together and sing over them to make music that I connected with more. That’s all where it started I guess.
For the currently uneducated on Somebody’s Child can you give us inspirations, sounds, styles, a description of your work? Whatever way is best to describe your work for future fans? 

“Somebody’s Child to me is an attempt to bring creativity back to the pop world.”

Somebody’s Child to me is an attempt to bring creativity back to the pop world. There is little imagination in pop anymore, so I try and draw influences from all kinds of genres that I like (dance, techno, folk, indie and rock). My interests range from The Stone Roses to Mount Kimbie, from James Brown to Bon Iver and so on. It’s important to me that I don’t get tied down to any one genre, hence why I think all my singles are different so far.
I guess that brings us back to the original idea of creating for other people, I was always trying to get a “sound” around my music because it was all so different. Trying to do so really hurt me creatively and it was difficult to make music when limited like that. When I used the Somebody’s Child pseudonym it somehow alleviated that pressure and allowed me to detach myself from the music. Hopefully that comes across and makes the music more relatable to other people. That’s what it’s all about isn’t it?
That being said those are just my thoughts, I reckon if someone was to brand us we’d fall into the Indie-Rock/Alternative-Pop realm to make things easy!
Last weekend you played a slot at John Kennedy’s 20 year celebration in O’Meara which you were our highlight act of the event. How did you get offered the gig and how did it feel like to play at such a joyous, special and intimate event?
We had a few spot plays in the UK and out of nowhere Radio X playlisted us which was fantastic. After that, John asked us to do the gig. It was a real treat, some great bands were on that day.
Which of your songs would you consider to be your favourite to play live and why?

“Jungle I think is my favourite [track]. It’s our next single.”

Jungle I think is my favourite. It’s our next single and it’s energy really comes accross I find.
We’re highlighting you as a must see act for Reading and Leeds Festival this weekend, what stage are you on and what time? We wanna be there in the front row!

“We’re on the BBC introducing stage! Come see us at 12.30 on Saturday at Reading Festival and 12.30 on Sunday at Leeds Festival. It’s gonna be a buzz.”

We’re on the BBC introducing stage! Come see us at 12.30 on Saturday at Reading Festival and 12.30 on Sunday at Leeds Festival. It’s gonna be a buzz.
It’s a great opportunity to be playing such a renowned festival, what can we expect of your Reading/Leeds sets?
We’re always adapting our set. We want to include more electronic sounds so we have a sample pad now that we’re experimenting with. We think it’s going to sound huge. But expect a lot of energy and some intimate moments!
We’re led to believe you have a new single due soon, what can you tell us about it? Basically we want all the gossip!

“Jungle is out October 3rd. It’s more mature than my previous releases.”

Yes Jungle is out October 3rd. It’s more mature than my previous releases, and has a darker tone. It carries a lot of energy and meaning so I’m extra excited about this one. I just signed off on it today and it sounds huge. Possibly the biggest one yet. Ross Dowling produced it and the ideas for the video sound sick. Stay tuned!
Finally who are some top picks of your own for brilliant up-and-coming artists for our readership to check out?
I would have said Fontaines D.C. cus they’re friends of mine but I’m pretty sure everyone in the UK probably knows about them by now. If you haven’t check them out. otherwise on the Irish front there some great bands coming out, Inhaler and Thumper are great live, Kojaque and Jafaris on the Hip-Hop front. Loads of stuff going on over here.

Questions: James O’Sullivan @jsully2510

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