This Friday No Hot Ashes release possibly the only indie punk concept album in existence, Hardship Starship which is emblazoned with UFO imagery and opens with lead single Extra Terrestrial. Kindly lead singer Issac offered to take part in our game ‘Lets Get Punny’ where we get to know bands through puns of their song title. Here’s what Issac had to say in what he described as “one of the funniest interviews we’ve ever done.” 

1. Extra Terrestrial

Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All Of Us is a forthcoming viral event, if you lived nearby would you get involved and can you explain your decision?

We’d be right there camping out, front and centre ready to be probed. Extra Terrestrial on loop for 24 hours straight. Bring it on you Tusken Raider legends.

2. CAR
Do you drive and what was your first car? Regardless, what is your dream car?

Lui’s first car was an egg shaped Fiat Punto that used to belong to his dad. We wrote Easy Peeler in that car. Dream car – Ferrari 250 GT California like the one from Ferris Bueller’s Day Off.

3. Trouble
What’s the biggest trouble you ever got into and what happened?

We once got done for graffitiing the band name in a Bristolian venue toilets which was already covered in stickers and graff. They gave us an ultimatum of either coming back and scrub the walls or pay £500… we didn’t and they shut down 6 months later.

4. Salbutamol
We can’t even get punny about this one, how did you end up writing a song about an asthma medication?

My ex girlfriend was a severe asthmatic. We broke up now I smoke 20 a day again.

5. Bellyaches
When was the last time you were sick from drinking too much, where had you been that night and was it worth it?

Last tour, we were in the van and Jack vomited on himself in his sleep after a heavy night on stolen gin. The next day he told our tour manager that it was in fact Matt who’d thrown up on his lap and not himself.

6. Motion Sick
Do any of No Hot Ashes suffer from motion sickness and if so what is their go to tip to help deal with it?

None of us have motion sickness but Luigi was that kid that waited with the bags at Alton Towers. Shits himself on rollercoasters.

7. Indecision/Intermission
Who in No Hot Ashes is the most indecisive of the band?

Me (Isaac), but to be honest Luigi is the only one with any sense. He’s band daddi.


Corr, you’re making this hard for us; if you were given a Ford Ka for free would you keep it or sell it?

Worse than Puntos. Sell it for pintos.

9. Paradise/Overdrive
What things would feature in your paradise?

KA black grape, maccies sweet chilli wraps and mally golds

Do any of Not Hot Ashes use an overdrive pedal on Hardship Starship? Can you tell us about the type of effects No Hot Ashes use?

Fairly sure that Lui’s Ibanez TS9 tube screamer did not get switched off for the whole recording process. Luigi acquired a Digitech Whammy just before the album which did bits and we got a chance to muck around with lots of new effects, we’re now big fans of Strymon Engineering (thanks to Chris Taylor at Parr Street).

10. W.Y.N.A

Please give us a silly acronym for your song title? We’re stuck for a better question!

Aw no there’s too many wrong ones, including willy’s and worse.

11. Hey Casanova

Who is the most Romantic in No Hot Ashes?

Both me and Luigi are partial to some Prosecco and rose petals, never let Valentine’s Day go amiss.

No Hot Ashes debut album Hardship Starship is released Friday 16th of August.

No Hot Ashes Tour This Autumn


17 | Liverpool, Jimmy’s

21 | Milton Keynes, Craford Arms

23 | Leicester, Cookie

24 | Sheffield, Record Junkie


04 | Guildford, The Boileroom

05 | Southampton, The Joiners

06 | Bristol, The Louisiana

07 | Oxford, o2 Institute2

18 | Leeds, Oporto

19 | Birmingham, The Sunflower Lounge

20 | Newcastle, Think Tank? Underground

21 | Aberdeen, Drummonds

22 | Glasgow, King Tuts

25 | Exeter, The Cavern

26 | London, Hoxton Square B&K

27 | Manchester, o2 Ritz


11 | Belfast, Oh Yeah Centre

12 | Dublin, o2 Academy2

Questions: James Wadsworth @jamespart31

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