IN FOR QUESTIONING: 60s Influenced Newcomers Weird Milk Show Us Why We Can Still Enjoy Sounds That Aren’t Narky Post-Punk With Their Angelic Numbers.

Having caught our attention firstly with their name and then confirmed our interest with their soulful vibes on new single Honey, I’m Around we had to get the band huddled round a computer where we had an email exchange with them all.

Hi, how are you? Your latest single Honey, I’m Around has recently dropped, how’s everyone feeling in Weird Milk right now?

We’re optimistic. Despite it appearing that the summer is over, we hope that the track can eke out the last rays of sunlight. I think as a band we were all pleased with the way the track sounds post production, and it has certainly whetted our appetite for the next single release. Also, we’ve all recently been back home for a weekend in Milton Keynes. Having spent time in the world’s greatest city, it’s basically impossible not to be filled with optimism for the future.

We can’t find any lame interviewer who’s asked how the name Weird Milk came about… do tell?

It’s a dark, dark secret…….No in all honesty, I think it came from accidentally drinking slightly gone off milk. Every cloud, eh. Although it ruined my bowl of Frosties, which at the time was absolutely devastating.

Let’s start with Honey, I’m Around, we’re loving and it’s one of the reasons we wanted to chat to you, but to the unconverted reading this can you tell readers whatever you wish about the single?

During the writing and production process we were listening to loads of 60s pop groups, artists like The Ronettes and the Crystals. This heavily influenced the drum sound, we wanted that sparse echoey sound from the intro to ‘Be My Baby’. I think we wanted to write a short and sweet pop song, in the vein of those 60s groups, but with a modern twist.

Right now post-punk is the ‘go to’ genre, a genre you’re far from; what advantages and what disadvantages have you found to paving your own way musically against the grain?

Personally, I’m a huge fan of the classic post punk bands such as Gang of Four and Josef K, but it is fun to do something different to the majority of bands currently. I think on stage and in our writing we almost try to go as opposite to the punk scene as possible, in dressing in suits and including as many harmonies as we possibly can. In terms of disadvantages, it could be that we’re outside of a localized ‘scene’ as such, not sure whether this is a good or bad thing…

If you were creating a gig line up with 2 other current bands of any size, who would they be and why have you chosen them?

Firstly, it would have to be the Lemon Twigs. A huge influence on our sound. Also, at the moment we are listening non-stop to the new Alex Cameron singles, so would say him as well.

So we know there is an EP being worked on, can you give us an in-depth update on its progress as if we were in the rehearsal rooms/studio with you and everything there is to know about it?

I’ve been absolutely sworn to secrecy. But it’ll be out. One day. Soon.

What record do all of Weird Milk agree is a classic and why?

Heroes and Villains – The Beach Boys. Brilliantly written, harmonised and structured.

Please can you give your top-tip or life-hack to help the lives of music fans reading this?

Support your local Wimpy. Do they still exist? I bloody hope so…

Weird Milk want to sign off this interview by saying…?

We’re going on tour with Trudy and the Romance in October, playing Reading, Nottingham, Leeds and London. So it would be brilliant if you could get to any of those dates. But don’t worry if not. We won’t take it personally.

Words: James Wadsworth @jamespart31

Weird Milk’s new sinlge Honey, I’m Around is out now on all streaming platforms.