Portsmouth’s music scene cannot be said to be bursting full of talent but when it does throw up something it gives us a true gem, last time it was The Kooks and 15 years later we’re being serenaded on the sea with the equally catchy summer sing-alongs of new kids on the block Flowvers. With over 250k streams on their previous 2 singles Flowvers have just released new single Nosebleed. Nosebleed is the sound of the band refining their sound with polished production and mix from the team behind Goat Girl and JAWS. With an upcoming headline slot at the legendary London venue The Old Blue Last and a headline slot booked on the third stage at Victorius Festival we got the lads in for our ‘in For Questioning’ feature.

Hey Flowvers, how are you? Recently you released your new single Nosebleed; how does life feel as a band right now?
Life’s interesting right now, we are progressing as a group and have some big things lined up!
Before we talk music, can we get to know you a little? What hidden talents (aside from your musical abilities) do you have?

Henry: “Quickest chip server on the South Coast.”

Taking of new releases brings feedback; what the weirdest or most memorable thing that’s been said about Flowvers?

Matisse :
When we did our first of string of shows along the south we were really surprised but also relieved to hear people think we sounded like 2013 bands like Peace and Swim Deep. I think there has definitely been a gaping hole in the scene that we hope to find ourselves in.

Now we’ve got the weird comments out the way, can you tell us what has shaped the sound and styling of Flowvers?
I think that with the material we have out now, we have a very clear indie pop sort of sound. I’d like to think this is a side we can develop a lot more than other bands in the genre. We all have different influences and experiences that we all bring to the table that really strengthen the song writing, We want to be more then just a band labelled as indie. We’re writing bigger, better and more advanced songs everyday and just want to create something new, young and different. Don’t get me wrong we’re not trying to change music itself or make something completely insane. Just good well written pop music that we’re proud of.

Can you talk us through new single Nosebleed; tell us how it came about musically and lyrically and its themes?
Matisse :
This song was written really easily, I’d had the hook and chorus and the tune came proper easily and so did the lyrics. It’s my favorite song that It’s my favorite lyrics I’ve written so far and but musically it’s also the most prominent and it’s the sound that I think were gonna start running with. Themes wise it’s in the contexts of a party. I
Musically it’s very pop verse chorus verse which is what we wanted as this song is one of our most poppy sounding song. We all loved playing the song live and learnt a lot going into a the studio properly with a new producer. A lot of the guitar lines in the song take heavy inspiration from bands like beach fossils and diiv.

You’ve been Radio X evening playlisted, supported by John Kennedy & Huw Stephens; these are massive names, talk us through your instant reaction when you heard about being Radio X playlisted or any other mad support you’ve been given?

Henry: “Even my Grandparents were impressed with [us getting played on] Radio 1 which was nice.”

What’s your plans for the rest of the year; tell us about gigs, tours, releases and anything else?

We’ve got some big things in the Pipeline that we have under lock and key for the moment. But keep your eyes peeled for some Flowvers Magic coming soon.

What small upcoming bands have caught your attention recently?

Locally a band that I think are wicked live are Jeph from The Isle Of White. They played the same bill as us at Heartbreakers and I remember looking at Matisse after the set and saying “these guys are really good”
For me it’s a band called Allora from Leeds, they are an all girl band I saw at The Joiners in Southampton,
Violet from Birmingham are cool as. Sound like a healthy mix of Peace, Swim Deep and Nirvana. Also buzzing for Swim Deeps new album.

You can catch Flowvers live at The Old Blue Last, London on 30th of July.

Words: James Wadsworth

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