A handful of months ago The Keep Cats promised 3 singles in quick succession with producer Niko Battisini, a step into the unknown for them letting someone else into their world having previously worked in solitude. Singles All You Got Left and Basement Dreams were extremely well received with the latter receiving the rare 10/10 rating from Underescore Part 3. To finish this trio of singles the band drop The Ledge on the unorthodox release day of Tuesday 25th ready for their instore show at Beyond the Download that evening.

“]The Ledge]  shows the bands ability to write a breadth of styles.”

Opening with wet reverb picked guitar the single is the mellowest of the trio which shows the bands ability to write a breadth of styles and not just become a thrashed grunge band with no substance. The band are experimenting with songs sonically but like predecessor Basement Dreams, The Ledge continues Jo’s self-destructive lyrical catharsis, opening line “I’ve got my secrets and I shoved them in a drawer” as well the tracks open to interpretation title The Ledge this sets the tone for the track. When discussing the track Jo claimed that it is “A release of self-deprecating thoughts and negative emotions… The goal was not to write a song, but to get some of the stress of feeling different off of my chest and onto something else.

The Ledge has a simple slow build structure, the sound of The Keep Cats working in unfamiliar territory, and in this sense, they achieve what they set out to but ‘interesting composition’ would not be a description for the track. Niko Battisini as producer working with tracks he did not record has shaped the bands recorded sound teaching us as listeners and The Keep Cats as a band the potential they have. It’s questionable why the band chose to release 3 linked tracks as singles and not an EP but whatever their reasoning the band already had a well-crafted live sound which they’re now replicating in the studio, we hope the next release is more than a 1 track single; a piece we can enjoy from start to finish.

“The Ledge is something to be experienced live, the outpouring of mature teen angst from Jo Parnell.”

The Ledge is a release of emotions which Jo lets go of with the single, at the 2-minute mark we feel the full force of these emotions with the singles crescendo. The Ledge is something to be experienced live, the outpouring of mature teen angst from Jo Parnell.


Released 25th June

Words: James Wadsworth

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