The Underscore Part 3 submissions folder is a mass of files of all different types often unsuitable to our readership which can often leave us feeling life panning through rocks until we finally find gold. In Johnny Kills I Feel Like we found gold! This bunch of upstarts not only have released a belter with this number but the handful of other singles we’ve now discovered they’ve already released are just as memorable.

“In Johnny Kills I Feel Like we found gold!”

Johnny Kills label Killing Moon describe I Feel Like as “death-disco stomp”, a made-up genre type for a track which pushes the boundaries of everything before whilst remaining generic enough not to completely blow our minds. Remember when everyone went a bit weird, took a lot of ketamine and got way too into UV and moshed around listening to nu-rave? Well, I Feel Like sounds like a bunch of indie punks trying to create nu-rave to actually mosh to. The production is flawless, if Johnny Kills are as good live as they are on record it’d be criminal for them not to be household names in the future.

“To put it bluntly we can’t fault this track, 10/10.”

Johnny Kills have announced that I Feel Like is the first single off their debut EP to be released in Autumn, with a comprehensive back catalogue of 1 track singles we can’t wait. To put it bluntly we can’t fault this track, 10/10.


Released: 12th June

Label: Killing Moon

Words James Wadsworth

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