In the space of a fortnight 2 of Underscore Part 3’s writers managed to see GURU live. “Both live and on record the band infect you with their brazen… narcissistic post-punk” was the description of their Portsmouth Psych Fest performance. With shock we had found one of our new favourite bands so we had to have a chat with lead singer Tom to learn a bit more. Lets say its short but often the best things are; GURU’s tracks aren’t exactly lenghty symphonies. For fans of IDLES, Shame and the current post-punk cohort GURU add their own stamp to this genre, an engaging down- to-earth charisma sometimes lacking in the genre. Catch GURU in the small venues whilst you can, having already toured with upcomers LADYBIRD it’s only a matter of time before their own tour is next!
Hi guys, how are you? How does it feel to be guru right now?
Pretty good actually. Our latest release has just gone 8x Platinum so we’re just pool shopping at the moment.
For people that don’t know Guru can you tell us your DNA, whether that’s bands you like, things you like or anything else; what has made Guru the band you are?
We all have pretty far reaching tastes in music, tastes which have developed over time too. Any time you hear a slight change in our musical direction, one of us has probably discovered a new artist.
So, Ferg, we’re led to believe that you bought a second-hand bass because you knew Kieran needed a bass play; can you tell us more about this story? What was your musical background prior to this?
Yes absolutely true! Purchased it from Ziggy’s, which has shut now unfortunately. I was originally just keeping an eye out for bassists, and then would let Kieran know when I found one, but I thought sod it and had a crack myself. Before to this I’d played guitar in my house.
Bands at this stage in their career are often on a constant search for their next top riff; what’s going on in the practice room and ideas brainstorming sessions for Guru right now?
We’ve always been very critical of each others ideas, which in a way has worked because the tracks have been better rather than worse, but now we’re just running with stuff and seeing what happens.
When you were in Paris you stayed in a caravan club, Jay from legendary British comedy The Inbetweeners makes some outlandish comments about caravan club; what really happens at caravan club? What took Guru to Paris apart from getting “knee deep in clunge”?
You don’t want to know what really happens at a caravan club. Especially a Parisian caravan club. Trust us on that.
You’ve got three singles out so far; what’s next, when will we be hearing more of Guru’s unhinged sound?
Late August / early September we’ve got a double A side coming out. You heard it here first.
You did your first tour with indie favourite Ladybird which we assume gave you a thirst for more; what live plans do you have this year? How long until Guru have a tour of their own?
Yes. What an amazing experience, we want to hit the road again asap. How long till we have a tour of our own? Not soon enough.
We’ve been asking bands for their life-hack; our current fave is Penelope Isles told us when they have the last bagel in a packet they empty the bag and extra sesame seeds on the bagel. Can you top that; what’s your life hack?
Go to Waitrose. Grab some salmon. Weigh it on the fruit scales and put it through as a couple bananas. You just payed a matter of pennies for some Salmon my friend. Watch out for random bag checks.
Words: James Wadsworth @jamespart31

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