Occasionally we hear a band and we just have to get in touch, the current band in questions is Memes who although very new to the scene with only 1 gig to their name have the single ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’ which racks such a punch we still felt worthy of chatting with them. Having already been picked as Steve Lamacq’s ‘Livener’ (equivalent of track of the week) Memes are off to a start that bands would dream of. Get to know a little about the new fierce post punk band with a name that’s impossible to Google search from one of the duo John.

Memes is a pretty common term in internet speak, but you’re a band so what do we need to know about you; who are we chatting to, who is in memes and what do you play?

Memes is John and Paul, we are cousins and mainly play bass and guitar.

So, we got it, you’re a duo but, there’s more than vocals, bass and guitar on the singles; who’s your drummer and how will you be approaching the world as a live band?

The drums are actually electronic loops and we play them via a laptop live. We just liked the idea of doing something unusual as a live act (for the type of music we are playing, at least). Plus, no drummers were available!

We’re getting there now, but can you help us further…? All the press shots we’ve seen have been of one person, who is that? And where’s the other bloke?

Ha! They will be there soon. We live in different cities and, with the band being so new, we haven’t got a full photo shoot yet! It is en route…

Lastly, thanks for clearing all this up, how long have you both been musicians and are there a bands you’ve previous played in or with that we may know?

We’ve both done various different projects before but it’s all about Memes now.

Now we’re on to the real stuff; the music. Currently we’ve heard a double a side from Memes ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’ and ‘Funny Man’; both tracks feel like they have a barbed edge written about someone, tell us about the tracks, their meaning and how they came into being?

They aren’t about any one person or one thing in particular, just a general feeling / perception / reaction to a lot of various things. Both were written and recorded quickly in a Glasgow loft (I’m sure that helps with their vibe!)

You’ve just played a showcase gig in London at the Legendary Nambucca, how was it? We’re not aware of any other gigs you’ve played, was this your first? If not, how much gigging history do Memes have?

This was indeed our first gig and it was great! A special thanks to Rita and Malicia Dabrowicz for putting on, not only our first gig, but first London gig and in a great venue. We will be back in London to play at The Old Blue Last for a Club Fandango Disorder night on Friday 7th of June.

On June 13th you play with a relatively new band called Imperial Wax who in fact are extremely well known on the cult scene as the longest and final surviving band members of The Fall (bar Mark E Smith); how did this gig come about and how does it feel to be playing with a group steeped in such history?

Fantastic. We are big Fall fans so it makes a lot of sense to us to be playing with them. The gig was by chance really, we were asked to play by the promoter. That said, The Fall have been mentioned in one or two blog posts about us, so maybe this is why…

Lastly, being placed next to The Fall may lead readers to put you into the ‘post-punk’ box, how correct would they be with this assumption? Can you give our readers some buzz words, genres, phrases or bands you like to paint a picture of your styling?

It does sound like that and I’m sure people we will get a few tags, but we are fine with that. We were sitting with a drink (or 12) in London recently listening to Debussy and Gustav Mahler, so there is more than just The Fall in the mix(er)…anything that is good will influence this band!

Questions: James Wadsworth

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