As soon as we received the press release for Annie Taylor who are a band not a person who described themselves as ‘girl grunge meets psychedelic rock with a touch of cheesy darkpop’ our ears pricked and after giving the new ‘Not Yours’ EP. a spin we wanted to learn more. Adding lead guitar in a way no other grunge band are at the moment and naming themselves after the first person to go off the edge of Niagra Falls we knew songwriter Gini would have something interesting to say; here’s how our chat went down just before the EP dropped…

Hi, how are you? We’re talking to you just before the release of your debut EP, exciting times ahead?
Yes, I hope so! We are super excited about the upcoming EP and we can’t wait to hold our first vinyl in our hands. Also we are looking forward to play a few festivals this summer before we join Las Robertas as support act for a few shows on their tour in Europe.

You’ve dropped 2 singles from the forthcoming Not Yours EP, ‘Under Your Spell’ and ‘S.L.E.E.P.’ The tracks are almost complete opposites in style; how did you come to pick them both as your singles and what has the reception of them been like so far?
 Yeah true, they are both very different and from a different phase of writing, but still I feel there are some elements that characterizes the bands sound in both of the songs. Tobi (the lead guitarist) picked up the vibes of the songs very well: one time a bit more energetic, the other time more dreamy.

From what we’ve heard so far lyrically the tracks seem quite autobiographical, ‘Under Your Spell’ and ‘Not Yours!’ leads to assumptions of a toxic relationship; can you tell us more about the EP’s themes?
I guess the EP is quite a mix of feelings and just a chunk out of how life can be. Our latest single “S.L.E.E.P.” is about busy summer nights while the bonus track “Deeper” is about toxic friendships, when you find yourself in situations where you constantly get the feeling of being not good enough or doubted or thought how to do it better. Of course you also can find songs about the strongest feelings of them all on the EP: Love.

We want to talk about your lead guitar work; we love it! Who plays the lead guitar parts and what are their influences?
Thanks! Our lead guitarist is a great guy, who‘s actually inspired me to start a band back then. Tobi grew up with rock n roll parents and got introduced to 60s/70s rock since he was a young boy. I guess that’s what shaped him from the first moment he picked up a guitar.

How did the ‘Annie Taylor’ sound come about because it’s not typical of grungey indie? Talk us through how your songs and sound is formed?
I used to listen to a lot of grunge in my teenage years and also got shaped a lot by empowering female fonted bands in my late teens, such as YeahYeahYeahs, The Kills & Best Coast. I like go write at home and send really shitty demos to the guys, which they have to listen to. And if they like what they hear, we gonna try to play it all together and add some spices with the individual instruments.

Can we be cringey and ask why you’re called Annie Taylor? We’re so intrigued and confused!
Sure! Annie Taylor was the first woman who was crazy enough to jump in a barrel over the Niagara Falls in 1903-and survived. I think what we liked so much about is, that she did something that not everyone would do and she probably got a lot of laughs and backtalking for it. Still she got out of her comfort zone and did this crazy stunt.

What’s the scene at home in Switzerland like, we haven’t covered much from Switzerland; can you tell us all about what it’s like to be an upcoming band in Switzerland?
There is actually a huge music market over here and basically every genre is covered. Switzerland is not only into chocolate and cheese- We also like culture! There are a lot of cultural foods and private persons who are supporting the music scene with a lot of energy. If it wasn’t for them (Coq d’or Olten for example), there would only be venues left that would let swiss artists or smaller acts play. So if you are into music, you can always find someone playing a show! We were very lucky that we were always able to play live on stage and hope we can continue doing that…
Our readers are always on the hunt for the next big thing, who are your top tips of Swiss bands (aside from yourself) that are going to get big?
Our swiss role models are “The Jackets”. You have probably heard of the, already since they were palying in the UK recently. if you don’t know them yet, go listen to them!

As a UK based zine we’re keen to know when we’ll see you over on our shores, when will you be visiting the UK and what can you tell us about any shows in the UK and closer to home for you? 
We will be on tour this autumn and hope to visit the UK for some shows!

Questions: James Wadsworth @jamespart31

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