‘‘Lemons’ continues [No Violet’s] math-rock assault on the indie scene, an assault they’ll only let us up from when they’re ready.’

Unfortunately, far too often advance releases for reviews drop in the Underscore Part 3 inbox from bands on the beginnings of their journey and we end up listening with disappointment wishing subsequent releases were as good as their first. This isn’t the case with No Violet. ‘Lemons’ continues their math-rock assault on the indie scene, an assault they’ll only let us up from when they’re ready.

‘Lemons’ may feel familiar to listeners due to having been prominent in the band’s live set recently and man, we’re thankful we now have a studio recording of it. It follows the now-signature No Violet sound of quiet, loud, quiet, loud with a bit of Ellie warbling vocal which we say with fondness; far too often bands lack direction in their early stages leaving listeners unsure what to expect. No Violet, please don’t become ‘AC/DC boring’ by releasing album after album of samey material. But right now, we’re thankful we have a ‘sound’ we can recognise as yours.

‘‘Lemons’ is everything we expected from No Violet but… [conveys] its point without labouring it.’

‘Lemons’ is shorter than some of No Violet’s previous work, all said and done at a head-banging rate of 2 minutes 44 seconds. It builds its crescendo around the 2-minute mark before the waves break to give us space to breathe in the last 15 seconds with careful drumming. Having spoken with lead singer Ellie she has told us how she uses music as an outlet for her difficult feelings and although we are not privy to why this single is called ‘Lemons’ we can assume she is channelling similar feelings as previous work with ‘Lemons’ featuring the lyrics, ‘Don’t listen to me… I’m not kind’ and themes of isolation. ‘Lemons’ is everything we expected from No Violet, but the more concise length of this track will appeal to radio – and to us – by conveying its point without labouring it.


Words James Wadsworth

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