Independent Venue Week 2019 was full of a host of fantastic events but one that particularly caught our eye and later our ears was Pip Blom’s tour. Pip Blom are 4 piece fronted by Pip (who describes Pip Blom as a band and not her project) from The Netherlands who play punchy indie pop. With an album due out this May, a string of releases already under their belt and apparently lots of touring this year it’s going to be a big one for the band. Currently they are across the pond playing a series of American dates focussed around SXSW, so here’s what they had to say to us when we met them on their recent UK tour.

How are you? How does it feel to be back in the UK to play a run of headline shows?

Collective- It’s good.

Pip (guitar & vocals) – I had a swim this morning which is quite rare for tour life, like who works out on tour. It’s sunny we had a hotel with a living room.

How does it feel to be back In Bournemouth?

Pip-The first big tour we did as a support we came to Bournemouth on St Patricks Day and we had a show in the Winchester [Bournemouth venue] and it started a 12 at night so it was a really late show, we’d never done anything like it.

The venue was one of the coolest venues we’ve ever played, so it’s great to be back [in Bournemouth].

Tender (guitar & backing vocals)- Most of the tour was empty venues but this was packed, everyone loved it, everyone was wasted.

What does it mean to you to be supporting the British event Independent Venue Week?

Pip- It’s really nice because we usually go to the regular cities, cities like Brighton, London, Manchester and now we get to play lots of cities we’ve never been but there’s awesome people there. We get to see lots of different places and that’s fun, it’s nice to switch it up a bit.

You have a gig coming up with your dad; people often speak of it being a different feeling when family members are in the audience; how does it feel to be playing on the same bill as him?

‘When we grew up we used to go to [John Peel’s] house lots and had sleepovers.’ Pip.

Pip- We’re used to it, it’s going to be fun.

Tender- It’s fine he doesn’t really give his opinion. He raised us musically so it’s kind of backwards for him to support us now. Gini works with the drummer of our dad’s band, it’s Gini’s boss.

Gini- He’s going to play my drumkit and no one is ever allowed to play my drumkit, but since he’s my boss I kind of have to.

Pip- It’s even better because we’re playing at The John Peel Centre and our dad’s band did 5 sessions for John Peel because he [John Peel] was really into the band. When we grew up we used to go to their house lots and had sleepovers, Sheila [John Peel’s wife] cooked us breakfast. No obviously he [John Peel] has passed away so there’s The John Peel centre and Sheila’s going to cook us lunch.

Tender- It’s not just our dad supporting us it’s full circle.

So, you had sleepovers at John Peel’s house?

Tender- He had a booth in the back of the living room where he made all his radio stuff.

Pip- He was stuck in his room all day and when there was dinner or lunch and Sheila would knock on the door and there he was. We got to mostly spend time with Sheila because she was the host.

What things about your dad and family do you remember from growing up and what bands did they love they have gone on to influence your sound?

‘[Mum] used to go to lots of gigs with me, she took me everywhere.’ Pip.

Pip- It’s not just our dad who played us lots of music, it’s our mum as well. Our mum was a really big fan of the first Arctic Monkeys album and first we liked it too but she played it so much that we said ‘stop it we don’t want to hear this’. She used to go to lots of gigs with me, she introduced me to Parquet Courts and that kind of stuff, she took me everywhere.

Tender- For me The Fall, Dad was the biggest The Fall fan ever.

Gini (drums)- I think I even listen to them because of him, I never really got into The Fall

Darek (bass)- [Pip and Tender’s] parents did a DJ thing at a gig and they were talking about The Mekons, you know The Beatles why don’t you know them [The Mekons]. The played them in his set and it was really nice.

Your new single is called ‘Daddy Issues’ which is often coined for people with difficult relationships with their dad, gigging with your dad would lead us to feel that this might not be the case for you; what does your song Daddy Issues mean to you and what’s it about?

‘No one knows, I don’t explain songs.’ Pip on single ‘Daddy Issues’.

Pip- No one knows, I don’t explain songs. I really like people to come up with their own thoughts and feelings, I think it can really ruin it for you if I tell you what it’s about.

Gini-[Pip] won’t even tell us.

You recently won the Public Choice award at the Music Moves Europe Talent Awards; tell us about that night and what it meant to you to win such a prestigious award?

‘It feels really good to win an award in a Europe thing, like a cherry on top of last year.’ Pip.

Darek- It was kind of weird because we’ve never been to these kinds of things. They made a big deal about it, it was an actual award show, but it was really nice, we didn’t expect it at all.

Pip- We won 2 awards, we won an award in the category ‘rock’ as well. It feels really good to win an award in a Europe thing, like a cherry on top of last year. Our management and our parents and our [booking agent] were all there but they left because they didn’t think we would win the public choice award so they went to go see Black Midi but they didn’t get into Black Midi and we won the award.

Gini- We knew we were going to win the first award but the second one was a surprise.

You will also be playing SXSW this year, what a festival! Have you ever been to America personally or as a musician and what are looking forward about Texas?

Pip- The food! I’m just looking forward to having plates this (arms stretched) big.

Tender- I’m looking forward to spending a week in America with all my friends.

Gini- It’s going to be my birthday!!!

What can you tell us about new your new album ‘Boat’ due for release on May 31st; will there be any more singles ahead of its release?

‘We’re going to have one more single.’ Pip on releases before the album.

Pip- We’re going to have one more single.

Gini (to Pip)- What’s it about?

What does it feel once the album is recorded and you’re just waiting to reveal it to fans? Who is first person aside from the band and your management that you played it to?

Tender- Our parents

Pip- And the boyfriend.

Gini- My dad.

Darek- I share it first with my friend Melong.

Tender- We only play 3 songs from the album so when it’s released it’s fresh for everybody and fresh for us.

What song on the album pushed you as a band the most or you’re most proud of?

‘.It’s weird because you know you love a song but who knows maybe everyone else won’t.’ Pip on releasing their debut album.

Pip- My favourite is ‘Sorry’. We had 16 or 17 songs and we made a selection out of those so hopefully it’s only gems. It’s weird because you know you love a song but who knows maybe everyone else won’t; it feels very weird.

Darek- I think my favourite is ‘Bedhead’.

What upcoming bands are you loving that we should be checking out?

Tender- Real Farmer

Collectively- Haze, they’re really good.

Pip- We love Sports Team.

What else do we need to know about Pip Blom’s your plans for 2019?

‘See you in the summer.’ Pip.

Pip- We’re going to play a lot of shows. See you in the summer.

Tender- We’re going to have been in your town 3 or 4 times, so you better show up, please.

Questions & interview photo James Wadsworth.

Live photos Alice Conway.

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