righton noise rock/hardcore quintet have just released their new single ‘Gay Boy’ after a year full of high profile support slots and their critically acclaimed single ‘Seeking Arrangement’. With only 4 songs released previously and not a filler in sight Underscore Part 3’s James Wadsworth chatted with drummer Jack to learn their plans for the year, future release plans, influences and much more.

Hi, how are you? Can you tell our readers what you play in DITZ but can you also tell me a non-musical fact about you?

Hey, not too bad thanks, I try to play drums in Ditz. There’s quite a few, but my least favourite is the one that (according to some people) I look like Zed from Pulp Fiction. You know, the one that raped Marcellus Wallace. 

Do any of the rest of DITZ have any funny facts or talents you want to share? 

It’s not really a fact or a talent but the day after we played Mucho Flow Festival in Porto Caleb got shit on by a local bird and announced it to me and Archie in front of a pub full of football fans watching the Porto v Benfica derby.   

I’ve heard that DITZ went through a series of drummers in the early days, as the current drummer how long do you think you’ll last? What’s different do you feel about the current incarnation of DITZ?

Probably as long as this interview .

We’ve noticed a whole host of bands are using all capital letters for name like yourselves; what do you think has caused this trend and what’s your reasoning behind it?

A bit like the “jastro” (jeans and astro’s) trend I don’t really know. Must be cause it looks sick as fuck I guess. 
Reasoning? As you’ve already said, there were many drummers before me so I guess you’ll have to ask them. 

Underscore Part 3 questioned that the 24/7 instant access internet generation may make it harder for bands to stand out leading to name capitalisation; how does it feel to be a band in this climate?

For me personally and probably for the rest of the band it’s the way it’s been since we all started playing in bands, so I guess it’s just normal to us.  

We assume as a band you’ve been attending high octane gigs of various genres for many years; what do you feel has changed in the scenes since you were teenagers?

Less skinny jeans and more corduroy trousers.

You commented in a previous interview that you were a ‘shit band for ages’, reflecting on your single Seeking Arrangement last year and looking forward to your imminent release Gay Boy how do you feel about the state of DITZ now?

Going from the reception we sometimes get I’d suggest we’re probably still a shit band. However, we seem to have a lot more focus and drive now. We’ve also got a great bunch of people behind the scenes doing great bits for us which helps massively, and we’ve started writing more than one new song ever 6 months.

If you were reviewing Gay Boy how would you describe it? 

“It sounds like the boys have finally learned how to play their instruments”

How long will we be waiting for another more lengthy release to follow on from EP1, Seeking Arrangement and Gay Boy and what form will that be coming in?

Our greatest hits will be coming soon. 

You’ve had some pretty prestigious support slots so far including Black Midi, Crows and Lice; can you tell me about a gig or support slot that was particularly memorable?

For me personally and the rest of the band supporting Sextile both times was quality. We always have a great time with them and they’re always incredibly nice to us, which is something that can be quite rare. Supporting Heavy Lungs recently was great as well; it was one of those rare support slots where we felt like we actually fit the band going on after us. And again, they’re another bunch of fantastic human beings. Lice were sick, Spectres were sick, Big Ups were sick, the list could go on.

What gigging plans and festivals do you have planned this year?

Caleb and Cal are going to the Gloucester Cheese Rolling festival, Archie and Anton are going to Creamfields and, I’m going to see Opus in Austria with my old man and his mate Dean.

Who are you listening to right now and what upcoming bands can you recommend to our readers?

I’m in between rinsing U.S.A Nails and Tears for Fears at the moment. We’ve played with U.S.A nails a few times and every time I’ve left the show wondering how a band can be that sick.   There’s a band called Model/Actriz I’m a big fan of. They’re like the west-coasts answer to Girl Band, but I a bit more sinister and violent sounding. Guru is an incredible Kent based band we’ve had the honour of being on the same bill as. They played the release show for ‘Seeking Arrangement’ and I watched the whole set and was blown away. The tunes, the outfits, the charisma of their lead singer with the swagger of Liam Gallagher and Brian Johnson was class.  

Questions By James Wadsworth

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