A bands first headline tour can often make or break them, it’s the process of crafting their ability to play out of their comfort zone; it’s the first time the band will have been spending so many stressful hours together, many of the venues will be new and quite frankly the levels of ticket sales reflect their success (you can’t drag your mate to every venue in the country you’re playing). Thankfully we can report that all three bands played sets of extremely high calibre and will be sure to see further success.

‘Daphney played one of the best debut sets we’ve ever seen for a bunch of amateur teens.’

Daphney   We pray to the music gods that next time we see Daphney on a poster they have stopped using the social media handle @daphneysuck, this did not excite us at all and left us shell-shocked when they played one of the best debut sets we’ve ever seen for a bunch of amateur teens; Daphney you do not suck! Daphney play indie in the style of The Kooks and others with their ability to make you want to start necking fruit cider in a sun-soaked field when you hear their music, this is the emotions we felt watching them and hope to feel whenever their first release drops. As with any debut gig there are often areas of improvement and there were a couple of bum notes but with the sound Daphney are already producing we’re certain these will be ironed out soon enough! Daphney, your tunes are great but until you find your singalong chorus you’re just another bouncy indie band, with quality this good this early on in your career we’re certain you have it in you and we can’t wait to hear it.  

‘The Keep Cats section of the review is short, they were faultless!’

The Keep Cats stepped on the stage and within a couple of bars we knew this was a set we would remember for a long time; if The Keep Cats don’t get picked up by a label and good producer it’s simply bad luck, they are too great for the world not to hear! They had all you want from a support band (well, unless you are the headliner who has to go on after them); the sound, the showmanship and style were of the same level as any band headlining their own mid-size tours. This section of the review is short, they were faultless! The Keep Cats have sections of frantic energy like the best in punk topped with the velvet vocal of Joe and contagious lead guitar-work, soon you will see rooms filled with their dancing audiences. Although at times frantic in their music, even in the mellow sections Joe’s delivery was often given on his tip-toes giving him the most height to passionately perform. Go see The Keep Cats, at present their live set has not managed to be adequately replicated on record.  

‘Valeras punchy rock came across with studio quality replication, a testament to both the bands talent as well as their studio production.’

The buzz around Valeras is growing almost day by day having had a steady stream of high profile support slots and singles which have earned praise from Jack Saunders of Radio 1 and Tom Robinson of 6 Music. Valeras punchy rock came across with studio quality replication, a testament to both the bands talent as well as their studio production. In interview lead guitarist George and lead singer/bass player Rose spoke about creating a special performance each night adorning the drums (complimenting its already glitter finish) and mic stands with pairs of roses, a touch we felt showed their attention to detail and passion to bring a night to remember for every fan. With 5 different characters on stages at times it felt the performances weren’t always unified, something that touring with allow them to develop. Drummer Max threw everything into his performance singing every word with energy whilst Rose delivered the words through her mic thrusting from side to side positioned directly in front of him. Chatting to the band its apparent not only of the musical talent George has dancing his fingers over his guitar fretboard throughout their set, but also how pivotal in creating the bands image both stylistically as well as creating a lot of the bands artwork. George is a solid talented guitarist but is more of a player that a rock-god and being positioned next to calm guitarist Katie created an energetic half of the stage with Max, Rose and Cat and a calmer side with Katie and George; could a change up in stage positions add another layer to the band? Perhaps, with the polished sound coming from the stage it felt like there was something missing. Bands tour, develop and find that ‘glue’ that makes them stand out from others; Valeras will be finding this over the next few weeks and we can’t wait to hear where it takes them!

Interview with Valeras coming soon.

Words by James Wadsworth.

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