Heavy Lungs: January 2019 Tour, Brighton. Photo Credit: Simon Clay

When you think Heavy Lungs, immediately forget any association with IDLES as to how you may have heard of them. Heavy Lungs don’t sound like IDLES; they’re a great band in their own right and IDLES were kindly supported by Steve Lamacq in the early days so surely IDLES are just passing on the baton of kindness. James Wadsworth caught up with Heavy Lungs ahead of their final date on the IDLES UK tour to talk about the new split single, what’s next for Heavy Lungs and basically being fans of every genre possible!

 With their biggest shows under their belts having just supported the most important band of the moment Heavy Lungs are a band excited by current swathe of mental health positivity and plan to use the experiences of this tour to get back to writing new material ready to bring to their headline January tour. Heavy Lungs sound fits perfectly with the John Dyer/Ty Seagall LA pysch/post punk scene but with discussions of influences from hip-hop, Gorrilaz and many more it seems we’re yet to know where their sound make end up taking them. To add to this melting pot of sound inspiration the band are blessed with tenacious front man Danny plus drummer George with the added role of master of ceremonies charismatically chatting between songs as well as adding backing vocals and maniacal laughs.

‘Abstract Thoughts is an ‘all killer, no filler’ EP with standout track Stutter’ 

30th of November will see the physical release of the limited issue split single with IDLES and artistically stylised by Danny Nedelko’s good friends Printed Goods. This concept is so much more than two songs; it is an ode to unity with the two bands having written songs about each other choosing to use a company run by twin brothers to design the covers. To grasp the full Heavy Lungs vision the band released their Abstract Thoughts EP earlier in 2018; Abstract Thoughts is an ‘all killer, no filler’ EP with standout track Stutter sandwiched in the middle lowering the tempo briefly giving the listen respite before returning to the chaos. With the recent exposure book your tickets now to the January tour to avoid disappointment. 

Words James Wadsworth

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See below for the full unedited interview with Heavy Lungs recorded on 29th of October hours before stage time in Oxford on their final tour date with IDLES.


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