PREVIEW: Cider Fury Hits The Cellar Bar with Imprints- 17th of November.

When you think of the hidden entertainment gems in Bournemouth inevitably you talk of Chaplin’s/Cellar Bar; if you haven’t been before I hope this article convinces you. The upstairs is delicately decorated restaurant and bar dedicated to the legendary silent movie hero, then walking through you are led to the award-winning beer garden and then down to The Cellar Bar, yes you guessed it, it’s in the basement. You may be like me who had no idea that a National beer garden award existed and what on earth is the point of it, well take one look in the garden and you’ll know exactly why. The garden boasts features including my personal favourite the massive green wall spray painted giant/wizard character with a carefully cultivated and shaped ivy beard (yep, they cut ivy around his mouth!).  Diving downstairs you enter the heart of the live music fun, (I assume that’s why you read this magazine) The Cellar Bar adorned with years of trinket collecting and quirkiness, when thinking of the decor think of the type of bar fictional Mr Ivy Beard would own and you’re probably picturing it well. Framed photos of the legends of Boscombe and slogans such as ‘reasons to be cheerful’ and the quantities of Jagerbombs that are and are not enough signal you’re always in for a good night. To top this off a quick Google search reveals the bar and garden has won 8 awards; the first being the 2012 Best Bar None National Award and the most recent being a 2017 finalist for ‘Best Night Out’ in the Bournemouth and Poole Tourism Awards. Alright, the music, read on and all will be revealed…

Apologies if you felt that was a wordy intro but I felt it necessary to set the scene appropriately so I could introduce the perfect band for this venue setting sail on their first UK tour. 

Upcoming folk-punk troupe Imprints make their visit on Saturday 17th of November. So, you want to know more, you want to know why you should drag yourself off your warm sofa to go out on a cold winter evening? Well doesn’t everyone want to say they were they before they got big? Imprints come from the lively Bristol music scene to bring us their festival inspired folk-punk and with a plethora of singalong hits they are certain to be living next summer out of a van getting the crowds of festival England dancing in the way only folk-punk can. For the new to folk-punk I point you in the direction of Dropkick Murphys, The Pogues and Flogging Molly as the most well-known examples; Imprints follow in their footsteps with a mash up of guitars played by ‘Urban Steed’ and violins played by ‘Ginge’ amongst their instrumentation. Imprints describe themselves as ‘cider fuelled explosion’ writing songs covering topics such as ‘space pirates’, ‘undead partying’ and ‘waking up drunk and doing it again’. Imprints make a strong claim which I will agree with and make a bet with the readers of Dorset Music, they claim they ‘will guarantee foot-stomping fun and the mightiest and fieriest of jigs’. I guarantee this will be a night to remember with the whole room bouncing but if you find only one man dancing one 17th of November in the Cellar Bar that will be me, Dorset Music’s very own James Wadsworth who you can come up to get me to buy you a pint because I am certain I won’t be the only one dancing (T & C’s apply, I’m a poorly paid music writer, only tap water is available on this offer).

Ok, so now what’s next, time to listen to them and get yourself in the mood; on the 2nd of November Imprints release their debut album ‘Flagship’ a continuation of their ‘fieriest jigs’ crafting their sound since the humble beginnings of being a 2-piece human jukebox busking machine back in 2012. With 6 years, 1 album, 1 EP, 2 singles and the band claim 23,486 pints of cider behind them this album tour proves to be the record laying claim to their patch on the folk-punk scene. Flagship and their back catalogue are all available on streaming sites (learn the words, I’m sure you’ll want to sing along but they’ll help on the night if you need) and when you’re at the cellar bar you will be able to purchase a physical copy and other mech. Aye, Aye me-hearty’s time for a pint of Scrumpy!